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    Happy New Week

    Romphim & maniators- yay or nay? Hey everyone how is it going? I am good, been a bit busy with crochet work and trying out some new designs for the absolute fun of it. ....(Read more)
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    Wow Lagos State

    I said at the beginning of this month I would not make any posts complaining or anything negative. It’s day 16 and I have been doing just fine. Imagine my pleasant ....(Read more)
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    This Plane is…

    So while we were fighting over crude oil and proceeds, it looks like the rest of the world was busy developing. While we were cheating ourselves out of communal development ....(Read more)
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    Ah Ahn

    So here I am saying I will post today, maybe tomorrow, maybe today lol. How are you and how has the week been? Mine has been relatively uneventful except it looks like my ....(Read more)
  • Vive Le France

    If you don’t understand that one google it. You see my brother Emma won the elections. While it is still in doubt as to whether he won or people simply voted against ....(Read more)
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    So Let’s Smile

    Hi everyone. I am having issues with wordpress the app, so posting and approving comments has been a challenge.  Even uploading guest posts have been hard to put up ....(Read more)
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    Dear Young Woman

     Hey hey hey!  Dear Young woman, how are you? Do you see the beauty in yourself? Are you confident in your abilities? Are you sure about your direction? Are you ....(Read more)