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    Why Are People So Wicked?

    I am on a mini break, I wasn’t going to announce but oh well. This here made me so angry, I think she should leave him- your thoughts please! I believe in full ....(Read more)
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    Really Though?

    I read this on Instagram and I remembered that someone has presented a similar scenario to me several months back and I offered my own idea of the “solution” at ....(Read more)
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    Being Famous

    So I see a lot of craziness on the internet when I am not busy with these two children of mine. Folks go as far as tagging their house geo-location, showing their children in ....(Read more)
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    I Found This Inspiring

    You know many times we look at people and look down on their chosen professions without thinking twice about if they are possibly doing better than most. I saw this post on ....(Read more)
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    It May be Funny

    If this is true, it may be funny for a few seconds but extremely sad when you sit and actually think about it. Women in Nigeria are already generally sidelined as almost ....(Read more)

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