• Happy Mother’s Day 

    So you know this year is my first year as a mother…my little peas were cooking this time last year…so I was unofficially a mama. My lovebuds have started ....(Read more)
  • Natural

    When I big chopped..21st Birthday Hey everyone how are you? Let’s talk hair. There is so much argument for “natural” hair these days so many people have ....(Read more)
  • Losers vs. Winners

    Hey everyone, how was your weekend? Mine has been interesting and I have been reading reading reading. And of course dealing with my eight month olds who are all over the ....(Read more)
  • Are You Smart or Effective?

    I am back to reading and I got my hands on a book written by someone dear to me. This book has been over ten years in the making and has finally seen the light of day. I am ....(Read more)