• Some of My Work

    I would like to Introduce to you Pinkthrift Crochet Designs- thanks for all the suggestions on naming. I ended up with this as I already have a company named pinkthrift so it ....(Read more)
  • No Picture

    N30k Winnner

    Hey everyone how are you? So the winner for that N30,000 contest by David Thoreau has been selected and contacted. It was Chioma Lauretta. I know there were challenges with ....(Read more)
  • Levels

    So you know I am all about my own version of responsible parenting God help me. I refuse to buy toys for my children- a very hardline but it has worked so far. All their toys ....(Read more)
  • Happy Easter 

    Hey everyone I just want to wish all the Christian community members a Happy Easter. I hope you reflect and have a great one. WIN THAT N30K HERE Image Credit: ....(Read more)


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