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    If Your S.O Did This 

    How would you respond if you saw this billboard with your face on it while you are driving through a regular route? And it was placed by your significant other? Would you be ....(Read more)
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    I Survived

    Hey everyone, I am still here and bubbling- many sleepless nights as we transition back to Lagos…I just want to say I survived 3 months of motherhood to twins….I ....(Read more)
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    Karma Maybe?

    So if you have read the news, or haven’t read the news, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have broken up. Now I don’t write particularly on Celebrities, but something ....(Read more)
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    When God Says Yes 

    So I have many half written posts and whatnots- abeg make una forgive me…between my baby girls who refuse to sleep and restrategizing my life, it gets hectic.  My ....(Read more)
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    I Found This..Religion

    ​I saw this and thought hard and long about it. Why do Nigerian Christians generally feel like if they haven’tprayed against their enemies they haven’t prayed? ....(Read more)


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