Have Sex And Die Later

Happy Monday. How is the week coming along? So i was watching TV as usual and stumbled upon Oprah’s Master class on TV. And as you guessed correctly, the topics were sex, money and a few other things. I only remember the sex and money part though.

So Dr. Oz got talking about sex. Apparently the average married couple has sex once a week, so that is 52 times a year. Eeek. Marriage doesn’t sound that interesting after all. For those that “fornicated” or engaged in pre-marital sex, does it seem like you had way more sex before marriage? And is marriage the sex-killer? I am neither for or against per-marital sex – its a personal choice.

Well in a follow up to that, if you double your sex – meaning if you have sex say twice a week, you add an extra three years to your life. So if you double upĀ  your weekly sex to 4 times, that’s 6 extra years. So in essence you can add about 11 years to your lifespan if you have sex everyday by my estimation. Wow, who would have “thunk” it?

While many married people are tired after the long day- joint household bills and domestic chores are the biggest killers of libido if you ask me, just keep thinking for every time you have sex, you are prolonging your life. Well of course unless you don’t want to live too long then; forego it. However if you want to live long, get with the program and start having S-E-X!

I say happy “safe sexing” and live long! So what say you?

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49 Comments on Have Sex And Die Later

  1. Ikoya adewale // April 20, 2015 at 11:15 // Reply

    Invariably if we engage in it twice a day, we add 22years…..hmmm

  2. I say, sex is overrated. Haba! To live long? Don’t have sex five times a day and be assured if you cross the road without looking, you’ll still live long. To me rest and nutrition matters most in attaining long life.

    Yes, for the married, all you tabled out are factors for less sex. We can’t help it, can we? But we make the most of it, when we can.

  3. Akinfolahan // April 20, 2015 at 12:42 // Reply

    I depends on the sexual enhancer, such as burantashi etc and the sex positions you do. Note that always drinks water during sex at intervals

  4. Drink alcohol and vaigra

  5. I didn’t understand the topic until I read the post. Real die later.
    So y’all married people start working on living longer.

    Seriously tho, I’ve heard that (most) married people have less and less sex the longer they stay married, why is this? Isn’t marriage the licence to have unlimited sex? What about married people who have extra marital affairs, where does the energy and time to have sex with someone else come from if that’s the reason for not having it with your partner? And if its the reasons stated in the post, do these reasons disappear of become dimmer when they’re with someone else or are they just peculiar to the spouse?

    Too many questions. I swear the stuff I read about marriage these days are just killing all my anticipation. The whole thing just sounds like a lot of stress and hard work with little reward(s)

  6. all this research sha! so there’s no hope for reverend fathers and sisters? sex is great and all, but i dont think it adds to anybodys life.

  7. I think when something is forbidden,it looks so attractive and afterwards when its within grasp it looses its attraction, thus pre-marital is often more frequent in my opinion, but I want to live long hehe.

  8. This giveaway is so amazing, you have a good heart. Godsent giveaway

  9. I maintain that marriage is a sex killer. When the kids come, it is. Even worse.

    Try as you might, it never adds up to the single-hood days.

    Once per week is even bliss for some couples.

    @ Chris I always knew you were one and the same from TTB.

    @ Oyinda, that giveaway is awesome. You are an amazement. God bless you.

    • I guess I gave myself away too easily. Anyways a greater part of me likes being consistent.

      @ Chioma

      I concur with your opinion. I believe when one is forbidden to do something within your capability and pleasurable to you, one tends to desire such thing even more. I remember seeing an article with the boldened title ‘Don’t read this’. My first reaction was to read it (a good marketing/advertising strategy by the publishers if I may say).

      I also share the same perspective of the act of sex elongating couples life. It is even more resounding between married couples as it breeds trust, intimacy, good emotional feelings (ingredients of healthy living). However, I must say that I am at odds with the multiplier effect of the act of sex having the same multiplier effect on the life expectancy of the couples. I believe the ‘life gained’ with increased sexual intercourse would be marginal as the frequency of sex is increased.

      • peace ogune // April 20, 2015 at 19:15 // Reply

        well to be honest intrigue, the excitement of doing something crazy and forbidden is why a lot of women cheat.

  10. Chioma I’m with you. I think humans just gravitate towards the forbidden. There’s some thrill and excitment in doing something you shouldn’t be doing.

    But on the real though, a woman that wakes up at 5am, gets kids ready for school, drops them off at school, goes to work, comes home to cook, do homework with the kids, goes to the gym, back home to finish up some work. Where is she getting the energy for night cap? She must be a super woman or have a drop dead gorgeous husband to be able to hit the target of once a day.

    Awesome giveaway. Ah ah OAD this your last project must have been awesome oh. let’s pray fr more projects like that so these kind of giveaways can continue šŸ™‚

    • As in Bee, I had to read the content of the giveaway more than once. What’s the manner of the prayers? Cuz me I want to go start some MFM prayer things.

      On a serious note, God bless you pynk and the endeavours of your hands and head.

    • peace ogune // April 22, 2015 at 12:48 // Reply

      looooooool @bee

  11. Marriage is definitely a sex killer.
    While dating DH we had sex like 3 x a day everyday winks*
    15 years after, we had sex a total times of 9 times in 2014.
    I am not cheating he’s not cheating, however I’m not sure what caused the decline. One reason is that we were both stressed out.
    I understand the horrors in that and how it might lead to infidelity especially for him but quite frankly I’m not so bothered to change it.
    This month, we’ve had sex a total of 3 times, I am in shock lol

    • peace ogune // April 20, 2015 at 19:12 // Reply

      marriage never ever slows down sex pls una stop am. do you know how many very busy married men have the time to panel beat their girlfriends daily then what about the northern guys with 3 wives that all 3 grow big stomach at same time. it is a matter of want!

      • Don’t be deceived Hun
        That’s why there’s a high rate of promiscuity amongst married women too don’t be too naive to think that Alhaji is satisfying those women.
        Of course there are loads of men with insatiable sexual appetites so much so that hey need to go out there to panel beat other girls no doubt about that unfortunately there’s a difference between sex and the ol good loving.

    • 9 times in one year? That’s even less than once a month. I honestly dont know anything about any of this stuff cos I’m not married but Mrs Brown, can’t it be worked on? Like Peace said, lots of married people have time for their (boy)girlfriends and are not too stressed to have sex with them.
      I think you both got “lazy” and gradually stopped caring and trying cos at some point, it obviously meant a lot to you.

      I hope y’all make a comeback soon *wink*

      • Thanks Ibk we are seriously working on it, winks*
        You got it, we got lazy and it’s not good for the marriage.

  12. christabel // April 20, 2015 at 17:31 // Reply

    No be small have sex and die later. So more sex means longer life, issorite, noted…

  13. @ Brown, I’m totally feeling you.

    I’m beginning to feel sorry for the Mr.

    It’s even more stressful for the woman.

  14. peace ogune // April 20, 2015 at 19:07 // Reply

    well the fact about sex and life being prolonged is wrong. scientifically untrue. But lol nonetheless

  15. Hehehe… Tell that to the 9-5 couples,ever heard of killer eyes? That’s what they ll give you… Twice a week is a big deal for most couples then you want to explain the advantages of frequent action to them? I doubt it.

  16. So in summary, we the unmarried folks should forget about keeping ourselves for marriage. Have as much sex now because once married, the drought kicks in. Noted!! Lol

  17. As a young baby boy with my innocence intact, i ain’t really got no say in this. But hey, i am here taking down points. More Sex = More Years… Great!

  18. Hmm. Heard this before. Don’t know how true it is. It’s a nice wish but most times The strength ain’t there. Too much hassles in marriage and at the end of the day the energy is not there. Kinda like the spirit is willing but the flesh is tired:).

  19. I leave this to you guyz…

  20. peace ogune // April 21, 2015 at 13:57 // Reply

    this just cracks me up

  21. Ikoya adewale // April 21, 2015 at 15:37 // Reply

    Loool comments on here tho… It is well

  22. Loool @ The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak…

  23. Ikoya adewale // April 22, 2015 at 11:52 // Reply

    On top sex matter… Hehe

  24. peace ogune // April 22, 2015 at 12:41 // Reply

    well on an average in Nigeria the amount of sex everyone has they should leave in happily ever after.

  25. peace ogune // April 22, 2015 at 12:42 // Reply

    well like the OAD say… life is about staying true to myself

  26. Beht,our people will say “ara lo’n fabo si”(it will tell on the body)
    Even though I find myself anticipating what the ‘Do’ feels like sometimes.i doubt when the time comes I’ll have it in me to do everyday or twice a day,the idea sounds funny!!
    In its place i’ll eat fruits,good food and exercise (elsewhere) to stay healthy and live longer.

  27. Christian Best // April 23, 2015 at 10:25 // Reply

    Hahahahaha, Nice analysis
    Well, even to do it requires energy, so you should calculate with the amount of energy loss at each Intercourse. You go hear am šŸ˜€

  28. Christian Best // April 23, 2015 at 10:26 // Reply

    With the picture sef, don’t tell me that sex will make that Man leave longer. See the nails of the lady and how she’s grabbing the man, Mehn.. No be small thing be that o


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