I Have an Idea – A Radical One

Hello everyone, happy Thursday the week is almost over. Hope it has been a fair week if not good at least? I have been thinking and came up with the idea below, radical but it would be effective.

Weddings again! It was inspired by the question circulating on instagram as to whether or not it was appropriate to use gofundme.com to fund a wedding. My idea however is charging a gate fee at a wedding- that’s crowd  control, unless you are a serving policitian, then it will fail miserably because people will find the gate fee.

So you print on your invitation; asking folks to rsvp by making a payment into you bank account. Ideally this payment ahould cover your cost of feeding the person and seating them.  So say your entire wedding costs N15million and you are expecting 1000 people, the gate fee should be N15,000.

This proposed method of crowd control will definitely get you talked about, insulted and maybe even ostracised in Nigeria, but your wedding will be much smaller than anybody could have ever predicted and will be far better organised. You make preparations for the guests who have paid a week before hand and then make some room for those who will try to pay at the door. Minis the siblings and parents of the couple, everybody else should be a paying guest.

Afterall, general wedding rules; “at least in the abroad” require that your gift value should at least cover the cost of feeding you. If the couple is generous,  they can refund the money to the guests at the door. But there is no better control than that.  Eliminate Asoebi and all other costs guests have to pick up. Somewhere in my mind this will end up being a 100 guest wedding at best,  if you are popular, 200 guests.

I would be willing to pay for a wedding, and i will ask the couple why they are charging- reason might not be crowd control but actual cash flow. The most i would be willing to pay is N25,000. After all its the total price of attending some weddings in terms of asoebi and sewing the aso ebi.

So over to you. Would you be willing to pay for a wedding? A gate fee so to speak- whether or not you know it will be refunded? And if yes, how much? And what would be your thoughts on such a couple?

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53 Comments on I Have an Idea – A Radical One

  1. Christian Best // April 23, 2015 at 10:22 // Reply

    Lol, funny question.
    To be sincere, I won’t Pay to enter the venue of a wedding so to say.
    But even if I pay the ‘ Gate fee’, I ain’t giving a dime as gift to the couple. Neither will I give them money when they are dancing 😀
    I will eat as much as I can also, no matter the amount I paid as Gate fee

    • I won’t pay to enter any wedding, will pay to go to the destination, won’t even buy aso-ebi except we are tight.

    • peace ogune // April 24, 2015 at 09:25 // Reply

      @Christian at this rate you might be taking some nice fat bags to buffets o! ur money cant lost at all ! loooooooooooool

    • chukwukadibia // April 25, 2015 at 22:18 // Reply

      Lol,funny post Mrs pynke,why are you always showing us the back of hobstar??we wana see his face,i though we were family here..wide Grin.

  2. Christian Best // April 23, 2015 at 10:52 // Reply

    Hey! Just watch out, in years to come, you’ll see this your idea being practice in weddings 😀
    Yea, one would make quite a lot of money from it, (covering for what was spent on the wedding :D)
    Or, less guests will be coming hahaha. Some of these people who just hear music playing, they will rush and go to eat, uninvited, 😀 those people will be definitely discouraged by the gate fee

  3. Wow, is that you and your hubby digging it on the dance floor?

    I’m curious to know what song you were both “komole-ing” to.

    I’d pay no more than 25k too. Only on the condition that the celebrant is my personal person.

    Speaking of personal person, if the wedding is not in Lagos (my base) and I have to fly to and fro, plus hotel, feeding, Transportation, that’s arguably going to a 100k. Why would She/he want to collect my money.

    This method will only work for a certain class of people who are above the average working class level.

    • Clare yes oh. I dont even know what we were dancing too as Lynxx took over from the DJ and we were Zanzibar rocking. We had about 52 guests and a few party crashers from the resort.

      Crowd control was a big reason i opted for a desination event. The cost of travelling that long way for my guests and family, we expected no gifts. We just wanted a fantastic party and thats what we got

  4. LOL…heck no…I think I might be very old school though….but I think paying to attend a wedding strikes me as slightly beyond the level of acceptability.
    If you have the fairy tale dreams of having a mega Hollywood or those big spending weddings you see on Nigerian blogs then you either multiple your hustle 100 times 100 or make the saying “cut your coat according to your cloth” very REAL in your life.
    #registrywedding #gardenwedding #servebuns&coke

  5. christabel // April 23, 2015 at 11:24 // Reply

    I hardly attend weddings but i think ur idea is good at least if not for anything to reduce the population of uninvited guests, then some people u invite one person and theycome along with all their kindred. personally I prefer a small get together say like 20 – 50 persons at most.

  6. Interesting proposition.

  7. Well I wont pay for attending the wedding because na u throw party,a better way might be strictly on iv,remember when my elder brother got married,after everything someone came to the house drank 3 bottles of malt and stout each (6 bottles in total) was requesting more when I declined politely he became upset and was of the opinion that weddings should last for a week ,if u can’t afford to do that then don’t get married

    • Christian Best // April 23, 2015 at 15:02 // Reply

      Paying for a wedding is as the same as going to a restaurant to eat and pay. In some cases, Watch the TV there, Lol.. I don’t fancy anything in wedding, apart from the Eating and drinking.

      • Christiana, it means that if the couple isnt a high priority then people wont pay and therefore wont attend. The crlebration will be filled with those willing to “sacrifice” for the couple

      • peace ogune // April 24, 2015 at 15:28 // Reply

        @Best for real. people who really want to come for feelings sake would feel slighted to pay for that. think about it.

    • CC the whole idea is to eliminate those type of people. People seem to be more reapectful of their own cash

  8. peace ogune // April 23, 2015 at 13:58 // Reply

    or better still don’t do any wedding at all ,looooooooooooool I mean if its getting this bad aspa gate fee loooool

  9. peace ogune // April 23, 2015 at 14:01 // Reply

    well honestly speaking we actually do really need to focus on our weddings and the financial harm they do to couples. its sick when a couple that hosted and shut down the whole area is suddenly moving out due to house rent wahala.

  10. pic caption: If I dance, she go dance. If I moveeeeeeee, she go move…..

    As much as I love attending weddings (of folks i’m close to), I won’t pay for any wedding. Having a party is not a requirement. The most imporatnt part is the exchange of vows ceremony (which is the part naija guests seem to care the least about). The emotions are so pure, it’s beautiful. And need I say, that’s the free, or not too expensive part.

    I doubt the payment thing will work in naija. Even now with invite only weddings, people still manage to hustle their way in. It’ll be no different.

    • Christian Best // April 23, 2015 at 15:00 // Reply

      Looooooool… you talk true.
      Anyhow anyhow, Naija people my find their way inside the venue, by hook or by crook

      • Christian let’s assume the gating is good. How will they?

        • Christian Best // April 23, 2015 at 21:58 // Reply

          Lol, Nigerians can come into the venue and stay like staff hehehe, cleaners etc
          Some will come and tell you that someone inside called for them etc 😀

      • peace ogune // April 24, 2015 at 15:33 // Reply

        and if they can penetrate your security network and get inside the food they will eat will be double. loooooool aspa “we paid”

    • It would work for crowd control Bee. Folks will just talk about the couple until they find something else ti talk about

  11. Lol this will make people sit at home,all the gate crashers. This idea is not going to work in Nigeria but its a good idea and it ll reduce the whole money wasting budget.

  12. Hah! Except it’s a wedding where people want to be seen rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous I doubt it will work o. In a country where people appear at weddings cos it’s an opportunity for free food and drinks? Hmmmm

    • It will work Mrs Fab. Serious crowd control and the few folks that show up will likely talk about the couole though.

  13. Real radical proposition o. Sounds like a fabulous idea especially for crowd control. Although it wont work perfectly in the Nigerian setting, it would most definitely reduce the number of gate crashers by a sizable percentage. I think the ideal will be the strictly by IV weddings. Nigerians have this upside down way of thinking. They just might think the money is for your house rent or something funny like that..

    In other news, OAD you are truly yellow o and ur komole is badt!

    Saw Mrs Fab on TTB this evening… pretty woman 🙂

  14. Lol… Serious crowd control. Only effective outside Nigeria. Folks and peeps will insult and yab the wedding out of your marriage. Lol. Please stop this rough joke before it gets any serious… Lol. Coz i think i can already count one or two that think it might be reasonable in this busybody Nigeria that everbody wants to be a part of the jolly but not the spending… Them go yab u die… Lol

    • you cannot please everyone, especially in Nigeria, but am sure if a couple does entry by fee, close friends and family will attend, it is an extreme though.lool

  15. I would suggest that if one wants crowd control, there should be strictly by IV entry and RSVP, bouncers should be present, and let the professionals handle the entrance.

  16. Oh wow, a laptop giveaway, girl you ain’t playing,get ready for blog crashing comments, hehehe.
    No I most certainly would not be willing to pay for a wedding, thank you very much! Showing up is enough of a favour already. Why, the very thought is making me want to bash someone over the head for even suggesting it. Thank God you’re miles away and ‘ungrabable’ (coined word alert) haha.
    I can’t get over how beautiful your blog background is everytime I visit.

  17. peace ogune // April 24, 2015 at 09:39 // Reply

    and then again marriage is a project of two people how do u convince your partner t agree to such and your partner convice their family??? I can imagine my wife to be telling my mum tell to her friends about the gate fee loooooool. naaaaah cant work marriage in Africa is also a moment to show affluence and pride

  18. Ikoya adewale // April 24, 2015 at 17:56 // Reply

    Hahaha OAD u actually sat down and thought of this????… Brilliant concept for reducing wedding crowds I must admit

  19. Ikoya adewale // April 24, 2015 at 17:58 // Reply

    Depends on how close I am to whoever is wedding and how much they are charging, I could consider paying….

  20. Ikoya adewale // April 24, 2015 at 18:01 // Reply

    But on a second thought, the money that will be spent on such wedding might cost more than expected especially if the money would be returned because to get strict anti corrupt bouncers or security guys would cost quite a lot unless you have a friend who can help with military personnel tho….

  21. Ikoya adewale // April 24, 2015 at 18:03 // Reply

    Also, the expectation of people (who do not know their money would be returned) that will pay for the wedding would be really high o…. That again might be more expensive than normal… .. I think the most efficient would be a strictly by invitation type of wedding

    • peace ogune // April 25, 2015 at 11:23 // Reply

      if I pay for wedding food no sweet I shall get my money back o. and don’t forget what ever u charge u must make sure its worth it. so more maths to work out to get profit

  22. I’m a nigerian girl to the core biko, I have to sisters married and the same people who showed up to eat our own rice and ogbonge meat plus souvenirs oooo during the occasion of their weddings will now expect me to pay to attend theirs!!!!
    I laugh in Spanish .


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