Which Would You Rather Have..

Which would you rather have? A dream wedding with all expenses paid or a dream honeymoon with all expenses paid? I am not asking you to be creative by adding a dream destination wedding to the equation. so the options with more clarity below.


A dream wedding – all your costs are taken care of, you don’t get a honeymoon or enough gifts or cash to pay for a honeymoon. You absolutely can’t travel for the wedding. It will be wherever you currently reside or where your partner resides.

A dream Honeymoon – all expense paid for two weeks, first class tickets and five star lodging minimum for you and yours to absolutely any destination your mind can come up with. Including the likes of Neker Island, Bora Bora etc. You only get the choice of one destination, so no, you cannot daisy chain it and you cannot take advantage of the “wedding services” on the Island.

This picture is my brother and his wife jumping into the Pacific Ocean in Bora Bora. I have a thing for “different” but simple kind of weddings.


Please vote below and also tell us your choice and justification of the choice by leaving a comment.

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  1. Christian Best // May 11, 2015 at 09:32 // Reply

    Good morning.
    I chose Dream Honeymoon, Lol
    Wedding is a one- day thing, Totally different from the Honeymoon, which will be 2 weeks ( according to your write up) 😀
    Even you, You won’t compare a 2 – weeks enjoyment to a one- day enjoyment. Hahahaha

  2. I would choose a dream wedding anyday. Honeymoons can be recreated, but weddings are one in a lifetime.

  3. Christian Best // May 11, 2015 at 09:39 // Reply

    Between, did your Brother and his wife, in the picture really jumped inside? Lol, Really scary.
    I have this kind of unnecessary phobia for large body of water :/

  4. Wedding gini? Abeg pass me that all expense paid honeymoon voucher.

    Always said I’ll pay for my honeymoon before I pay for wedding.

    Heard nice things about Mauritius so won’t be a bad destination for honeymoon

  5. y’all are definitely a different breed in your house, the fun breed. Your bro and his wife jumping in must have been awesome. I’m guessing they can both swim sha.

  6. Dream honeymoon. I didn’t even think twice about this. A wedding can be small or large depending on the couples pocket. A dream honeymoon is required to relax, have fun, recover from wedding stress etc.

  7. Wake me up on the middle of the night,my answer will still be the same thing ,Dream Honeymoon. Who wants to feed the nation,when I can have two whole weeks of pure bliss in a fantastic location… Dream Honeymoon it is.

  8. In*
    This giveaway rules is tasking o 🙂 more grease to the thumb. God bless your heart OAD.

  9. Dream wedding
    Weddings happen once in a lifetime, it might as well be perfect

    • Lool. But the wedding is a one time thing, and the marriage is forever. Don’t you think one of the building blocks (honeymoon) would be more important that just the celebration? (Wedding). Well, just saying.

  10. Dream honeymoon oh,wedding creates unnecessary tension while the honeymoon would be a time to cement the relationship further

  11. Haba, this is a no brainer for me o, dream honey moon anyday anytime.

    We usually miss the point with weddings, we gather a crowd of. People who care about the food and drinks.

  12. The wedding is meant to unite us, not unite those people, so doing what’s best for us, a dream honeymoon is the best choice for me

  13. It has to be my dream honeymoon jare. Spending romantic and fun time with my hubby is more important than spending time with thousands of people i may not even know.

  14. BTW OAD360, your blog is moving to it’s permanent site o, you have lots of views and comments, I am happy for you. You’ve got great content too.

  15. I’d choose the honeymoon. The most important thing at a wedding is both of us getting married. Not the venue, decor, food etc. And the foundation starts right there. I’d love a ‘just me and you’ moment after the gbogbo ero thingy. Honeymoon is more fun and you can’t rule out fun and excitement in a relationship.

  16. I’ll go with dream honeymoon, cos I know it’s gonna be an avenue to create unforgettable memories with my S/O.
    Moreover, dream wedding will not be couple centred but crowd centered.
    Dream honeymoon =just the two of house

  17. I’ll go with dream honeymoon, cos I know it’s gonna be an avenue to create unforgettable memories with my S/O.
    Moreover, dream wedding will not be couple centred but crowd centered.
    Dream honeymoon =just the two of us

  18. This is a no brainer for me.

    Why will I want an all expense paid wedding that I may not even know all the guests in lieu of an all-expense paid honeymoon?

  19. Dream Honeymoon Please!!!

  20. Dream wedding ke? When i can go anywhere for two weeks, all expenses taken care of? Biko sign me up for the dream honeymoon any day

  21. lucynthia // May 14, 2015 at 12:14 // Reply

    HONEYMOON all the way. I can gt married in my fathers pallor for all I care. BORA BORA!

  22. lucynthia // May 14, 2015 at 12:20 // Reply

    Dream. Weddings in Nigeria. Where the parents of the couple would call all their ancestors and village meeting! The couple would end up gettin a video of a wedding where there’s no familiar face. Just people with aso oke and aso ebi! Abeg!!! 2weeks all expense paid trip. Even 1week is better than that. Lol.

  23. Team Dream Honeymoon

  24. Anytime any day, never been a fan of big weddings. 50 people max when I have mine.


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