Nigeria Destroying Itself since 1800…

Yes i said it. We are a very destructive country, we is the collective, all of us. A few people have been robbing us blind, taking our money and using it to buy themselves private jets and come election time, they try to give us biscuit or mini bags of rice to make us temporarily forget all the atrocities they have committed against us. Nigeria we hail thee.

Do you know foreign airlines are now stopping over in Ghana to buy aviation fuel? Or that our local airlines can no longer fly because there is no aviation fuel? Or that many of us can not go about our daily activities because we cannot find fuel to buy on the black market? NUPENG and marketers have gone on strike and have left the entire nation hostage. Fuel that ordinarily shouldn’t cost more than N100 per litre is now sold on the black market at N400. Woe betide you, our entirely corrupt police force catches you buying black market, they tell you to come and bail yourself out for N1,000 per person and you have to bail the said fuel out too.

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My question is why do we allow people who don’t want the better of this nation as a whole continue to sit in positions of authority? No one that has served in any government during and post Babangida should be allowed back into office. I am sorry we need different minds. America is corrupt, but they built a system that works. Nigerians want to buy 500 houses in Dubai that they can never live in, and 1000 plots of land in Ikoyi that they don’t need.. People should remember that the people they deprive of a decent standard of living would be the threats to their children’s future.

As for the 18 or so states that owe civil servants their salaries, the Governors and Chief Financial officers and accountants of those states should be queried and maybe even jailed. What did they do with allocations? If you know allocations are dwindling – adjust your workforce in that direction – that is assuming the monies for salaries have not been diverted to political campaigns or personal bank accounts.

Nigeria Makes me tired, and to be frank some days i start to examine the options available. Ghana might not be so bad, but my dreams are here, so what to do?

Giant of Africa is more like a retarded giant, always doing things backa**wards.




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  1. The states owing their workers money, I can speak for where I served in Governor’s office in the south, the fed. Govt never use to send the allocation on time and the state doesn’t generate enough revenue internally to pay its workers so at the end the civil servants bear the weight of it all.

    • Chioma, then maybe it should become a case of states being forced to push for internally generated revenue? And they tailor their civil service to match their IGR? Its almost akin to saying, because my daddy didnt give me money i cant pay my workers. There has to be a better wag out. If these people cannot figure it out, then they should go back to regular life and leave governance to those who can propose solutions. I am speaking from a point of frustration.

  2. As. For fuel, transport. Costs have doubled and the govt doesn’t seem to be concerned about all this, God help us in this country.

    • At Least you can find transport. I was struggling to find a taxi yesterday, it was ridiculous.

      • hehe, as if you spoke into my situation, i couldn’t find transport yday after 2 hours I called my boss and went straight to bed.

  3. This kinda discussion always put me in a very bad mood,I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that this country is so messed up. Nothing works, we just seems to be going round the same BS day in day out. I sincerely hope the new guy brings a different thing to the table.

  4. lucynthia // May 23, 2015 at 16:54 // Reply

    So I got 60litres of fuel for 20k. With ‘abeg o’. I’m tired of this country. Nothing works. Our leaders are sooooooo greedy. Heard pump price ard here is 200.I’m seriously looking forward to may 29th.

  5. The realities of this country makes me sad most times. This fuel scarcity has turned into something else. Now I don’t even turn on my ac under the hot sun. It’s so annoying when you see alot of ppl suffering meanwhile one man somewhere is sitting on a thousand people’s salary.
    Something needs to happen soon, I’m beginning to get worried about the future of our nation.

  6. Nigeria makes me really sad and its a pity cos no matter where you go nigeria is home

  7. talks wouldn’t do much. action would.

  8. At the roadside in Lag yesterday, a man was with two full kegs of fuel and was happily shouting “LIPC! LIPC!! Buy here!”, advertising himself in some form of black market strategy. That shouldn’t be in a country where the commodity is a natural resource of ours.

  9. chukwukadibia // May 24, 2015 at 11:00 // Reply

    Pynk,the problem is greed and we do not love ourselves. When we begin to see ourselves as one,then Nigeria would begin to grow.

  10. chukwukadibia // May 24, 2015 at 11:06 // Reply

    I feel your anger,i am equally very angry with the kind of systerm run in Nigeria and my fear is wil things ever change??our leaders are kinda the same people,same senators,their relatives or their children and the circle just continues…

  11. Why the heck do we pay taxes. We generate everything we need, from clean water to power, it’s so frustrating being a Nigerian and living in Nigeria.

    Unfortunately we are also our biggest enemy. This change we chant on a daily basis starts with us- you and I. It is a collective fight, but too many people prefer the short term benefit.

  12. Tiring and really sad is what our Country has become because of the greed of a few people. I hope we can get up more quickly than it took for us to crash.

  13. It’s time for a revolution, if those people mentioned aren’t killed and used as an example. The populace is seen as a toothless bulldog. We deserve what we are getting as a country.


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