Happy New Month! AWESOME SAUCE!

Welcome welcome welcome  June. The awesomest month of the entire year. AWESOME SAUCE! June ushers in the rains, and my birthday. And this year, it brings my first wedding anniversary,  the real day i signed the papers- forget all the owambe things, my real anniversary is on my birthday – June 20th – it seems like a smart decision, provided there is no divorce. Lol. I am 21 with a few year experience.  Lol.
My parents will also have been married 35 years in June- considering planning a family breakfast or lunch for them. The thing with having all brothers is that i seem to be the only one that cares. Lol. My family also isnt the “celebratory type”, my husband’s family on the other hand marks every event, the house party doesn’t pass them by.
This website will also be two years old in June. June is going to come bearing a lot of surprises – many good ones, just keep coming back and you might just win something on here. Note i said something, because even i dont know what i will be giving away.
My weekend was ok, i was a bit dehydrated but i still managed to get to my good friend’s wedding. I also managed to tie my gele even though my hands were shaky. Thinking about it, my shoe game used to be awesome, now I barely buy shoes. I guess a change in focus. My necklace is again from my superstar Mother in law – eru iyawo.  Shoes are about five or so years old. Haha.


I also made a few new awesome friends at the wedding…i will spill later.
Also completed the client’s job, the work is coming in faster than i can handle, i might be hiring a freelance analyst soon. God willing.
OMG my mentee was also on Channels television talking about the Nigerian economy and the budget on democracy day. I managed to take the picture below. I felt so proud, “wizkid” one of my stars. It feels good to see my people doing well, it makes me happy that years after i come across people, i keep in contact and actually bring something positive to the table.


Thanks for all the well wishes. I feel like a star. You all are awesome.



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  1. Ooh wow…now I see the reason for June being so saucy
    Happy new month

  2. A basket load of Congratulations in advance. My son will be 5 this month. I can’t believe how fast he’s grown. God has been faithful. Happy June to everyone! It’s going to be splendid!

    I’m happy about the way work is going. You deserve much more. 🙂

    • And I must say, you’re really looking great. You never let on about your weight loss. 😉

      • Enjay that weight loss is what Spice Route did to me on Thursday night with their malicious food. And also Praying and Fasting – I usually do for a month before my birthday.

  3. Beautiful Miss Pynk 🙂 happy new month to everybody. I am soooo excited about this month,dunno what it is yet but I’m excited. June is really a blessed month for you.
    Glad to see you back 🙂

  4. Looking good! ! Congrats in advance! !

  5. You look awesome like a youngi. Making me super jelux.

  6. you look lovely as usual, congrats on all the goodies june has for you.

  7. happy new month everyone. Happy birth-month, wedding anniversary, blog anniversary and many other worthwhile celebrations, Miss Pynk. Glad to see it is indeed a month of joy and happiness overflowing for you.

    have a blessed month everyone.

  8. Happy new month, and you look really good in that outfit!


  9. June is truly the month of celebrations. Looks like we’ll be having a few pynk360 parties this month. whoop whoop. To think 1 year has already flown by. Just save 1 post for “1st yr in marriage”.

    One of my bffs (yes i have a few. lol), my brother, my god daughter and my nephew all have birthdays in june.

    Sowwry the weight loss was from being sick, but i guess dissapointments can also be blessings.

    Shoe game very much on point. love it.

  10. You’re pretty Pynk! I love your shoe.
    Happy new month and happy birthday in advance!

  11. chukwukadibia // June 2, 2015 at 17:40 // Reply

    You looking like a youngie…lol

  12. Ms pynk looking real good.. you did tie your gele nicely.. I finally learnt to tie mine after I got married and my mum wasnt in the next room to tie it for me (sometimes ‘mama’ style)..lol! June is a special month (as it is the birth month of some of my special people..all born on the same date, different years) after my birth month May though! :p
    Have a glorious birthday and wedding anniversary and many more blissful years to you and hubstar! May you continue to enjoy God’s special blessings..xx
    P.s-been a while I’ve been here.. seems like you changed the ‘design page’ of your site (from my phone’s view)..nice!


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