Why Bother Getting Married?

Is the purpose of marriage not committment to one person or the same group of people? Poly- situations? Whats the difference between swinging and cheating? I am watching a show called swinger wives, and one of the ladies left her first husband because he cheated on her. But she gets remarried to a swinger and now she is happy.

If you dont know what swinging is, its pretty much an exchange of partners with consent.  So couple A – wife sleeps with Couple B – husband.  Couple  B wife also has sex with Couple A husband. 


My whole thing is -whats the point of taking the step toward marriage which is supposed to be about monogamy, faithfulness and complete surrender to one another?  A “swinging married couple” is simply a conflicting statement.  And its a constant exchange of partners, one of the couples was arguing about whether or not to swing on their wedding night – is irony the right word here? Please help me find the word. I am confused.
Like ok how does any of this make sense? I know Nigerians also swing- but my question is why bother getting married? Why not just be single and have tons of sex? Isnt that what its all about anyway? Just sex!



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  1. People marry for different reasons. Some do so it can be said they are married. Some don’t regard marriage as a monogamous institution. They claim they are Africans so monogamy doesn’t exist. Women also encourage this with statements like ” he’s a man and can’t be expected to be faithful”. I once heard of a lady who got married and divorced her hubby after having a child cos she felt she had achieved what she wanted. She just wanted it on record she had been married. Weird world we live in now.

  2. Really weird world we live in Mrs Fab
    I just saw the show yesterday n I was like what???

  3. My husband and I watch the show with our mouths open like waahhh… I know swinging exists but for them to come out proudly I’m like Jesus now. What’s the point of marrying really?

  4. Okayyyy? i’m just hearing about it for the first time. but like Mrs Fab said, people get married for different reasons. its just strange.

  5. Its a crazy world and people do whatever they think will make them happy.

  6. Like Mrs. Fab said, as weird as it is, marriage doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. I’m guessing for swingers, polygamists and polyandrists, monogamy is not a factor to be considered in marriage.

  7. You wake up every morning to different strange reality,you begin to wonder if people are insane or just trying to act devil’s script. What’s the essence of saying a vow and the next minute its in the trash? Staying single and having multiple sex partners is way better than being married and not honoring your vows. Some people are sick!

  8. I just dont get the concept of swinging. I first heard about it on Linda’s blog. The word that comes to mind is satanic, a perversion of divine order.

    I mean, what’s the point of getting married if you’ll go around sleeping with other people’s spouses? Isnt it better to remain single and indulge in as many crazy fantasies as you want?

  9. Another trend that i do not and can never understand! Why get married at all? Just proclaim yourself a free-body and roam about. Its a mockery of what was ordained and another example of how fast we are falling off the edge.

  10. This topic seems to be making the rounds now. Interesting though cos the issue is become more provocative in a way that is designed to attract attention and it’s not a good attention. Check out my response to one of such attentions in my latest post here: https://itsallbuki.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/open-marriage-in-nigeria/


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