Why I Married My Husband

Firstly- Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim brothers and sisters.

In the spirit of my one year weding anniversary coming up on the 20th of June which happens to be my birthday i am doing as many posts as I can on marriage and what it means to me. Someone might learn something from it, and it might also help me give a truthful evaluation of my situation-ship.

I have made mention of the five hour first date i had with him which i didn’t  realise was supposed to be a date. I went out for free food and it turned out to be the best five hours i have ever invested in a first date. The Japanese food, and considering how much sushi costs in Lagos, it was a win win for me since i wasnt willing to spend the money myself.

Over a short period of dating my husband, i noticed a few traits…

1. He loves his mother beyond all reasonable doubt, and she must not pass through any hardship.

2. He is hardworking- my husband is always working. He spends at least 75% of his time working. I used to be a mega slacker when i met him, but his work ethic reminded me i needed to go back to my go getter ways. He makes me want to do better.

3. He is a gentleman in the true sense.

4. My husband is kind. Very very kind. Kind but firm.

5. My husband is the face next to the word accountable in the dictionary.  His word is his bond, he never flipflops and doesn’t say what he won’t do.

6. My husband ate anything i put on a table for him during the dating phase. I made him kidney peas soup one time and he had never seen that in his life. He also ate the bacon wrapped pawpaw i gave him – he insulted it at first but loved it.

7. My husband understand my cultural identity issues. I speak yoruba like a market woman, he understands that when I am angry, i am from Brooklyn, when I am feeling Nostalgic – I am from long Island and when i am feeling Jovial i am from – Lagos Mainland.  I have many alter egos- there is one called Bose…he accepts all these people. When i am feeling Irie- i also do a bada** Jamaican accent to make fun of my cousins…

8. I never had to correct my husband or fight him. Nothing and i repeat nothing trumps peace.

9. My husband is extremely humble.  He never gave me the do you know who my father is speech. Then again we are two independent adults, so it was not necessary as neither of us was social climbing.

10. My husband is not a town boy. We are both people that can stay home and enjoy ourselves at home. We like our own company and also like each other’s company.

11. We let each other be. Nobody was trying to build an ideal girlfriend or boyfriend- we were mature enough to accept each other as is. My warped sense of humour,  his equally messed up one.

12. My husband also never discusses our challenges with anyone. We keep our problems or issues to ourselves and deal with them when we are both ready.

For me, all in all my husband made me feel safe, less paranoid, secure and a big part of his life. And I love him, and i realise love is not enough for a marriage – different discussion for a different day.

Most importantly, i was ready to share my life with someone, and the stars aligned. God spoke to me and i was alert when he spoke to me. I look back at some of my prior relationships and realise either i was emotionally absent or just going through the motions.

I married my partner in crime and while he is not perfect, I choose to ignore his short comings as his awesomeness is amazing! I look forward to the peaceful days ahead with my yellow freckled hunk of hunks😍.




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  1. Which one is bacon covered pawpaw again? Chai!! Love this post. No one is perfect but that special someone crafted specially by God fits in perfectly. Happy birthday and anniversary in advance.

    • Mrs Fab cut pawpaw cubes (or any melon?fry bacon in the microwave, wrap half a strip around the pawpaw- hold it together with a toothpick. Its the most amazing combo of sweet and salty.

  2. Absolutely wow! Wish you guys a century filled with marital bliss…… Happy one year marriage anniversary.

  3. Wow,i do hope i have great things to write or say about my husband whenever I get married

  4. point 11, Checkmate!!! When you don’t try too hard,it falls in place. Happy wedding anniversary and Happy birthday in advance.

  5. Awww, this just warmed my heart. i love reading real life love stories. you guys seem to have a beautiful and rare friendship. Congrats on your first anniversary, I wish you both many wonderful years together.

  6. Makes me think
    I should find time to highlight all my husbands strengths like this.

    • You should Brown, many times in marriage- see finish syndrome distorts our vision of our partners and sometimes makes us take them for granted and see only their shortcomings

  7. Happy birthday and anniversary in advance Ms Pynk. I hope I can talk about my husband like this someday. I love the fact that you admitted that the marriage isn’t perfect and you both have issues like any married couple should. I wish you both decades(at least 7 🙂 ) of happiness and a love that never ever dies.

  8. Awwwww. You know if your yellow man reads this, his head will be exploding for an entire month.

    Here’s wishing you two a forever kinda love. One filled with witty jokes, lots of giggles, and many sloppy, mushy kisses.

  9. And ‘Pynk’ just laid out some relationship goals for us. Lol. Looking forward to your other posts on marriage.

    • Lol Christopher, they arent quite relationship goals, just some of the things that made me a believer in mr. Pynk so to speak.

  10. Happy anniversary Pynk. I pray you two have a marriage filled with continuous bliss, joy and happiness.

  11. Happy anniversay mami. Many more years of glorious living. Ahem and plenty children. ..


  12. em, em OAD360 does your hubby have a younger brother *coversface* Happy anniversary in advance dearie. May God continue to bless your marriage.

  13. I love this. I’m sure your husband’s head is swelling by now. With all You’ve said about him, it is obvious he is representing us positively. kudos to your husband for boosting the image of MEN, that the ladies in this world have tarnished. Ladies! that’s it o! before you’d go ahead telling the world that guys are evil! * tongue out* God bless your union mam. and happy anniversary in advance. oh! happy birthday too Pynk!

    • Temiloluwa, he actually never visits the site. Says he doesn’t want to be in my head. Lol. But i always send him my “feelings” on bbm or watsapp. Not all men are bad, same goes for women. Its about praying for wisdom to see what is for us

      • @ “not being in ur head”, he’s being a good man. You right by saying not everyone is bad. I just hope people could get to see that. Wisdom is really important, but most people put feelings first. * thumbs up * mam! Let the love keep flowing. * blushing*

  14. I love that you actually think about things about your husband and appreciate them.
    May you always love, joys, peace and blessings in your home!
    Happy wedding anniversary and birthday in advance. 🙂

  15. 100 likes! Or loves! 😉

  16. This is such a wonderful testimony of hubby and I wish you many more years of bliss, happy anniversary 😀

  17. chukwukadibia // June 21, 2015 at 08:58 // Reply

    I thank God for the wisdom he has given you,i thank God for the friendship and love that would continue to grow with you and your husband. May God continue to bless your union. I want to write this and more about my husband someday. This is definitely a relationship goal to me..lol

  18. Lifetitudes // June 22, 2015 at 14:28 // Reply

    Its a grateful heart that counts and appreciates that which he/she has got. Being aware of the positives makes the negatives seem very minor. Congratulations on being a counter… not a lot of people are.

  19. Hiya Pynk, I like that you are interactive with the audience and you take time to respond to messages. I went back to read your previous posts and i enjoyed every bit. Bless you 🙂

  20. 😀 Nice. I love this piece and I wish you many more happy days ahead as well.



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