Hello Everyone My Name is…

If you ever watch tv, you would know where the statement above was going. Hello everyone my name is OAD and I am an addict. Addicted to what you may ask?  Lets go…I am addicted to Kitchen scramble  (its a game I play multiple times on my ipad daily- which exists solely for game playing and kindle – reading)- i have managed to avoid paying to play in the 7 months I have been at it sha.

I am also addicted to cakes and pastries in general- for instance I have had a piece of cake everyday for the last month. Yes its a problem, but I don’t think I want to fix it. Cake makes me happy- I know many of Lagos’ popular bakers and have personal relationships with most bakers. I can dissect a cake like its a science, yes I am that bad…I can like the actual cake and hate the person’s cream of frosting. I am that bad. I have had folks bring me cakes from London, South Africa, Ghana etc. I eat cake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid day snack etc. I know how to bake very well, so I am entitled to discriminate.

When most bakers need to experiment- I am a good test mule. Its not a surprise I struggle with my weight in terms of actually being where I want to be for my height. I have been going to the gym almost religiously in the last month and I think I lost 1KG. I can’t tell my husband because he paid for the gym membership – i can just convince myself its muscle gain😆.

I also favour Yam and plantain…taah food is to be enjoyed- so long as my clothes fit and my stomach isnt doing a “dunlap” (stomach dun lapped the belt), I am ok. Sometimes I am grateful I am “lack- toast” (hood pronunciation of lactose) intolerant – i dont have much of a challenge with ice cream etc – the thought of the sickness to follow usually keeps me respecting myself.

Please what are your struggles wih food if you have any? We aren’t judging ourselves on this post. We are just sharing.

This week’s giveaway is going to be a nationwide one amd ridiculously random- stay tuned.



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  1. Hiya OAD, My name is Ms Lily and i am addicted to bread smiles… I love bread, I can eat it morning, afternoon and evening. I’m trying so hard to reduce my intake tho. I have been weighing 61KG for months now and i feel fat because i used to weigh 53KG back in school. I also love yam and i don’t mind eating it everyday too.

    • Lol at bread. Your addiction is everywhere Ms. Lily – even in traffic. Chai. AS for the extra 7KG – it will come off if you leave bread alone, but I wouldn’t if I were you. lol.

  2. Hey My name is Chioma and I am addicted to sweets. Please OAD invite me when you bake for tasting, I thought I loved cakes, your own is on another level, my love for icecream has decreased,am tired of coldstone.

    • Chioma You and my husband.. my husband even leaves the empty container – i plan for the sweets and get to the container and find out its empty.

  3. Hello Everyone My name is KiKi and I am a Beans addict Lol,it got to a stage my doc had to warn me to stay off beans,if I don’t want to continue having constant chest burn. But I continued after a week,guess its a terrible addiction lol. I’m not keen on pastries

  4. Hello My name is Crimson and am addicted to cola coke
    I cnt say no to coke,am trying really hard to learn how to say no cos this calories wont burn themselves

  5. All I saw was nationwide giveaway lols..
    Ok ok my name is Lohla and I was born without the addiction gene. I don’t do favourites, I eat according to my mood no discrimination.

  6. My list…. bread, plantain, yam, ice cream, and yes, cake.
    About cakes, Miss Pynk, that little girl who owns those packages with you is a cake addict already. Kindly include a box whenever you make your delivery and you’d be forgiven. 😉

    • Enjay I will send that directly from a Baker oh – that way it is fresh. Can it come to the same address? So I can ask them to deliver?

      • Same address won’t do for fresh deliveries. Pls, let me when you’re ready. Much thanks!

  7. My name is Zoe and i’m a shawarma addict. its so bad that the whole world knows. need a favour from me? just give me shawarma. my siblings, uncles, aunties, colleagues, in fact the whole world knows te love I have for shawarma.

    A junior staff just offered to buy me shawarma and i shamelessly agreed.

    • Zoe, lol at Shawarma – my mom for some odd reason calls it “swamer”. Shawarma gives me reactions when they put that mayo pepper inside – but i find its not sweet unless that is in it. the 1004 sharwarma spot in VI makes good stuff.

  8. well..my name is chris and im addicted to many things.i love bread, i love love fried rice and chicken, i love indomie noodles with mixed vegetables and lastly i love love many Chinese restaurant starters!
    why do i even complain about my weight gain all the time????lol

  9. My list- shawarma, cakes, Good ice cream, bananas with peanut or hot rice, Mcvities shortbread and chocolate digestive.
    I thank God I hardly gain much weight. Still slim.
    I’d say my secret is portion control.

  10. My name is clare and I am addicted to Cake, pounded yam, plantain. (boli, boiled, fried, roasted, toasted, blasted,) all is plantain and ice-cream and milk.

    I’m lack-toast intolerant as well, but, I still do my tang.

    Cake saw me through my post natal baby blues. I lurrrvvvve cake, but OAD, I think I will dash you the trophy cos, me don’t know the science of cake, learned how to bake tipe tipe, too lazy to try baking.

    I’m up for a cake eating, tasting contest whenever, wherever. Lol

  11. lool… My Name is Tumi and I’m addicted to fried plantain, fizzy drinks, roasted plantain, freshly baked bread and all kinds of pastries. I’ve been trying to lose some weight now tho’ I think swimming will do for me cause I actually need to get fit. Nice to meet you OAD 🙂

  12. Hello everyone, my name is Ibukunoluwa and I’m addicted to food. I love to eat! its amazing that I’m not a size 22 yet although All my size 10 clothes are now very very snug, I’m still eating. As far as its food and its good and sweet and attracting, I’d eat it. My love for cakes and ice cream tho… Just buy me a slice of chocolate/red velvet cake and cold stone ice cream and I’ll follow you anywhere.

  13. I am addicted to prawns…. peppered, boiled, large sized, small sized, don’t matter. There’s this indescribable feeling i get when i eat prawns. Throw in a chilled bottle of coca cola and am in bliss-land

  14. Ikoya Adewale // July 23, 2015 at 20:33 // Reply

    hello y’all i’m wale and i’m addicted to food like good tasty fooooooooodd from any part of the world but lately i’ve been addicted to shawarma, meat pies and Noodles….seek a favour from me i’m reluctant to do and any of those could make me grant that favour irrespective of what it takes

  15. Hi i’m Bee and for the most part I have no addictions. When I’m in naija I overload on the snail, asun, and other stuff not readily available in yanks.

    I like yam and plantain but won’t call it addiction.

    Now the wahala is I’m not a sweet person really, but #CakesbyEdet, nothingbundtcakes and macaroons from sweet boutiques (all in houston) have me losing my mind. Lord knows I can’t say no. It’s not a full blown addiction sha, but once I see it I can’t stop.


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