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Sorry somehow I have been bombarded with bleaching products in different media forms. My husband recorded the BBC show “make me white” for me about two months or so ago. I just got around to watching it.

I also noticed over the weekend that a major blogger keeps advertising bleaching products despite having made a fortune off advertising – so you can’t argue that she needs the money. But then there is also an argument of whether she advertises for them or not they will still be marketed.

I know you are asking whats my business with bleaching? None really- just sometimes I ask if people are not worried about the evident damage- no one that has bleached has successfully done it for decades. Even one of the richest black women in the world has horrible hands and feet -its the visible after effects of youthful bleaching (lizard hands and feet i call them). She is in her 60’s now.

My mom says the growing market segment of her clients are 50 year old women that end up with kidney damage and some are even on dialysis. One in particular was still bleaching while undergoing dialysis…so she was wondering the point in even giving her a kidney friendly diet.

PS: there are all sorts of bleaching products from the high end by the likes of Givenchy to the lower end Tura and co. By the way the Givenchy “Dr white”- didn’t work – the BBC reporter tested it for 8 weeks – so if you are aspiring to bleach don’t waste your money on that one. The reporter got nicer skin but ended up darker.

Bleaching is not particular to class or race. I know of a half Russian half Nigerian young woman who is lighter than me to begin with. She is now bleaching- she is trying to be brighter than her future or rather her past  (her mother).

I don’t understand the drive to look ghostlike- so I can’t pretend that i understand bleaching. I have been guilty of tanning in my late teens in an attempt to be darker but after a nasty sunburn experience – i don’t even bother anymore. I also learnt about the harmful effects of laying out in the afternoon sun- ala skin cancer and borrowed myself a brain.

Bleaching is a billion dollar industry – would you participate in it if you could? Essentially if you know you can make a fortune selling bleaching products would you sell them?

Despite looking like i could be bleaching i don’t believe I would sell bleaching products. Then again maybe I am not hungry enough.

I am not going to ask anyone on here if they bleach ‘cos many people won’t answer this question frankly. Bleaching isn’t still something folks admit to openly- even when the evidence is glaring.

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  1. Sometimes customers like to see results from you as a seller before purchasing such items,so in that case I wont sell given that am not into the whole bleaching thing but apart from that am totally in, we are talking making a fortune here
    Some people know the effects but as far as the attract guys they dont care

    • Crimson, is bleaching just about attracting guys? I guess I can get away with selling bleaching cream quite easily though, my conscience wont let me be great…..

      • It isnt all about attracting boys but I know a lot of people that do it for just that reason

  2. I’m really fair but I don’t like it most times. I used to wish I were dark cos it means less maintenance. Being fair is not all it’s cracked up to be. If I’m out in the sun a lot, I darken and it’s easily noticed on my face and arms. Presently, my face and arms are darker than my legs because my legs are mostly covered. When people see my legs, they are amazed cos it’s so fair. I’m so lazy when it comes to rubbing creams. My creams last more than a year because I forget to rub them and end up throwing them away when I think it has stayed too long. I prefer Vaseline. I still don’t understand why someone blessed with a dark skin would want it changed. Doesn’t make sense.

    • You spoke my mind. I had always wished I was dark in complexion. But my cream doesn’t last as one as yours. In that case, you’re like my hubby.

      • Enjay there was a time i had horrible dermatitis – i had to leave boarding school because of it – i wished I was blacker than road tar – because people would keep asking me about the dark circles on my legs etc…thank God it all faded with age though.

    • Mrs Fab i used to want to be dark – till i couldn’t feel my shoulders after a horrid tanning experience. After that I gave up on that dream. My creams dont last long oh, i have extremely dry skin – so its to pack on Ori or cocoa butter. Often times they say we want what we don’t have….

  3. Lohla's Melange // July 27, 2015 at 13:52 // Reply

    I would sell to people who wants to be fair, given that I’m fair myself and whenever I’m at the strores looking to buy a bottle of cream, I get asked what cream I use all the time… When I tell them I use vaseline lotion, they look at me like yeaah right just say you don’t want to tell us. Smh. So maybe I need to look into the biz, its worth billions yeah?

  4. really dont know why people want to be what they are not by all means possible tho….if its about making money, i wont think twice before moving into the business, i mean top names like Dencia and the likes are making it big from the bleaching business, its a lucrative one that capitalises on the slack laws of the country and the rise in the burning desire for bleaching by people….if its not about making money i’ll rather advertise that line of yours that says “no one that has bleached has successfully done it for decades” cos i cant advise anyone close to me to bleach and willingly become a “human camouflage”

    • lol @ Human Camouflage – Ayomiks apparently there are grades of bleaching oh – injection gives even skin tone… but as with all things it doesn’t last for ever.

  5. Hmmn I’m not sure o. A part of me won’t be comfortable selling them, but then hunger never catch me.

  6. Never understood the bleaching phenomenom, never will. Then add the potential health risks; na blad, i’ll pass. I won’t use, neither would I sell.

    I mean I heard people take pills for cancer patients to bleach evenly. How can this possibly make any sense?

    How to spot a bleacher
    – The typical dark knuckles
    – You only see them outside when the sun has set
    – The multicolored looking veins esp on their face (this one na for old mamas wey dey bleach back in the days)


    • Bee they dont really have black knuckles anymore- only those using cheap creams. I dont understand the drive given the associated health risks though.

  7. My complexion can be annoying. I wish I was dark. I’ve always had dark knuckles. Not too dark anyway. Then I’ve got veins. (from my dad) those veins are visibly green. They’ve been so for a very long time. Now imagine me bleaching on this type of skin.. temi bami…..

    • Enjay, You are talking about dark knuckles – my mom calls my elbows “door knobs” – very small black with tight skin – my father’s genes. lol.

  8. I don’t understand the obsession. Too many people always asking me “I look darker shey? What can I use? What do you use?” Ha.
    I’m lightskinned but not so much. Not as light as you ms pynk.
    And when I tell them coconut/olive oil they look at me like I’m lying.
    So many shiny dark skinned beauties out there and some people still want to become white people clones

    • Sandra – I have heard that coconut oil and Ori makes one blacker – For me it has been a false theory. Your genes are your genes – i have probably gotten paler since i spend more time indoors and for a very long time I used to think I wasn’t that light – but then when i take picture next to most people – the only people paler than me are albinos and white people. Lol. I have accepted my faith.

  9. To be quite frank, the white ones, sorry fair ones get more attention because they are frankly more attractive (in the sense that they are brightly noticed – it don’t mean they are all more beautiful). Having said that, my sister is fair and she hardly even rubs anything and her skin hasn’t faded since she’s been born. Sometimes, in the cold weather, she doesn’t even take a bath for days and she’s still fairer than I am. I, on the other hand, am in between shades. I can easily get dark if I don’t watch and “maintain” myself or become fairer just by staying indoors for days.
    The issue of bleaching is a sustainable one as you have rightly said, so it’s pointlessly futile really.

    • Its in societies where fairer people are a minority – I lived in America and the middle East for years – my complexion or my mom’s have never been big deals. Its Nigeria and Africa on the whole… I guess cause we are predominantly dark. Funny you mention not bathing and her getting darker- white people dont think it is necessary to bath daily – my mom to a large extent has a similar mindset of “dirt never killed anybody”- and they dont get any darker jare.

  10. I once did a post on ‘skin bleaching’ on my blog after i saw three kids in church looking like…(still looking for a pleasant word to describe them but you guys know what i mean). I’m not freaked about light skin girls and i sometimes wish i was chocolate or dark skinned because it’s quit expensive to take care of. Would i want to sell bleaching product? No i won’t. Nice post OAD

    • Kids? Ms. Lily Kids? Wow thats a new low. People have lost it frankly. As for light skin being hard to maintain – its the shea butter i use on my hair i use on my skin and I have never been bothered otherwise – I doubt that has anything to do with being mixed race either. Light skin is light skin if natural.

  11. QuirkyMoi // August 2, 2015 at 22:54 // Reply

    If I would sell bleaching products….am not sure I would but then who knows.

    On if I would bleach…a big NO. I just want my dark skin to shine…finito!

    • QuirkyMoi I know I asked because its very easy sometimes to say we won’t do certain things until faced directly with the challenge – I mean the sales.

      As for bleaching – not everyone is trying to be brighter than their future.


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