So you know how some people like the element of surprise and some people actually like surprises? Surprises have always made me a very nervous birdie especially if I know folks are planning something but they won’t tell me. I don’t like crowds so surprises can also go very wrong real quick with me if i feel embarrassed or on on display so to speak.

Somehow I have found out about every major surprise before it happens. My wedding proposal was not a surprise, neither of my bridal showers were surprises. The NY one I had to act surprised though because my 5 year old awesome nephew knew about it and even helped decorate and his yelling suprise made me remember to act surprised…and he was impressed that i was surprised. Ok my traditional wedding decor was a surprise. ..but not the event itself…the Lago shower they had to tell me because you can’t trust me to show up on time or even at all for an event – i could have easily been sitting at my Chinese spot on saka tinubu eating chinese hotpot…all alone…

My husband has only managed to surprise me once i think in the 2 years total we have been together. He gave me a ticket from Lagos to NY but it was for April 1st so you know me amd my crazy self i went online to make sure the reference number was valid as per april fool happenings. I was so sick after the surprise because I couldn’t hide my excitement. …I always get very happy going to America – even if you buy me a ticket for cargo space I will bounce off the walls like a child drugged up on sugar and its far from my first time. I think NY just feels very homish – neutral.

So I have managed to act through many “suhpra-eyez” events in the last few years and I am wondering if it makes me a fraud? I know my husband was offended the day he proposed because I asked him why he wore shiny shoes and a silk shirt to dinner – if he was going to propose? He told me to wear heels…if you know me- i am the kind of person that can wear an evening gown and put fancy flat slippers on..why i don’t know. I refuse to wear heels unless to weddings or for work. He says I killed the surprise. …i also guessed how much the ring cost him and all my Cs for my diamonds. I had also sent a vey good friend of mine a message about 30 minutes before dinner that he was going to propose.

I am starting to wonder if this acting makes me a fraud…my husband is currently planning a surprise – so it seems – he has not told me, but I feel it based on him asking about my workload….i sense a vacation is in the works and I know his preferred destinations – so when he does give me the suprise – i have to be like “OMIGOSH ….you are totally awesome babe”. Because if I say thank you and move on there will be no surprises in the future. Kai but the things we do in situation-ships to make everyone feel good.

I know my nephew was so stoked about being able to surprise me. Mr. Pynk complains about me being hard to surprise! Please I need honest opinions- does acting surprised make me a fraud? I mean its a win win right? Do you have such conflicts emotionally?

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  1. Lol you just need to act,so that there would be more surprises in the future. Its not fraud when you act surprised,its a show of appreciation and also to make the other party feel special.

    • Kiki I dont even think I do it because of expecting more..I am generally aloof in terms of wanting stuff – I am one of those people that you leave me with nothing and its a year after I have existed in the basic sense I remember when I had nothing.

      I believe it is born more out of not wanting people to feel hurt or feel under appreciated.

  2. You gotta keep acting surprised,it makes people feel appreciated for their efforts
    Things we do to make the people we love happy
    I don’t know if I can be surprised,I always like to know what’s happening around me,I will ask till someone spills

  3. Lol. I love surprises…well, maybe I could have the tendency to feel like you if I had surprises more often…or at all sef. So act surprised if you must so that you can continue to enjoy his pampering

    • Buki I hate them – same way I hate being the centre of attention. How I have managed to thrive in the corporate world as an entrepreneur is still a mystery to me.

  4. I HATE surprises, I guess its the feeling of being taken unawares. I like to plan, I want to know, I want to like whatever the surprise is because if I don’t like it, I won’t be able to hide my feelings and my acting will feel forced but even if I know and its something I really want, my thanks will be so effusive, I will keep saying thank you and you will have to beg me to stop.

    Acting doesn’t make you a fraud. It is however some sort of recompense for the ‘supriser. I understand feeling genuine surprise gives especially when its the happy kind. It gives a feel good factor for the effort the person had to put in. I like to surprise people especially when its for stuff that they weren’t expecting, seeing the reaction is everything

    • IHeart – I have also learned to pretend I like Surprises. However I have started finding ways to be subtle about the things I dont like with my husband…for instance I told him not to buy me perfume for 2 years so I can finish all the ones he has bought already…etc. That way I dont have pressure to start spraying perfume like a lunatic just to show appreciation.

      • Chai! Pretense? Lol. I don’t envy you. I hope the subtlety is working. Lol @ spraying perfume like a lunatic.

  5. Sincerely, the motive for the acting is what makes you a fraud.

    If you act to make the ‘supriser’ feel happy that his/ her effort was not in vain, was appreciated, then you’re good. If you act to expect more surprises, then…………. 🙂

    • Enjay is just so they can feel happy and that I don’t look like an ingrate oh. because I know when you put effort in to make someone happy – you feel they are unappreciative if they are not happy…

  6. Hmm, I can’t seem to make up my mind on this. Most times I want to be told if the ‘suriprisee’ wasn’t really surprised so I can know what to do different in the future. #NoGivingUp lol. But at the same time if someone really tried and you just burst their bubble, it can be quite disappointing. I don’t know jare.
    I enjoy surprises so I’ve never been faced with the inner conflict you’re going through, haha.
    Ms Pynk you must be a very good actress o. For people not to suspect that you weren’t genuinely surprised.

    • Reformed Silent reader – the older I get the better my acting skills and learning to say less. I doubt many people can call me out for faking it anymore…maybe I have gotten good.

  7. I don’t think you are a fraud. when you consider the other parties effort and emotions, you have no choice but to pretend.

  8. Pynk you didnt tell me you had asian in you 🙂 Is this an old pic or you just straigthened your hair?

    I’m such a sucker for surprises, even the smallest of surprises gets me all giddy. As you are not easily surprised, you have done well in perfecting the act of feigning surprise. Keep working on it oh so you don’t dissapoint the folks surprising you 🙂

    I’m sure at some point if those pple are close to you, they’ll catch on later on that you weren’t really surprised and it’ll make for a good laughing session.

    • Bee Lol @ Asian – old picture with chocolate weave that lasted all of 5 days if I remember correctly. Lucky you that you like surprises.

  9. I’m not big on surprises, I’m not even a very expressive person in terms of receiving and giving kind gestures( I’m working on it tho’). Infact I will give an opposite reaction if I’m caught unawares. But yeah I can act surprised but it will not feel genuine, i’ll most likely feel like a fraud lol. If I’m in a crowded place like a restaurant i’ll most likely hide under the table….Loool

  10. Well i love surprises a lot but on the other hand i hate to be the object of attention.
    On the issue about u being a fraud…ummm..I’d say its because ur too smart so u would always be able to connect the dots with the little hints u get from ur surprisers (i dnt knw if there is any word like that).Statements and gestures would always clue u in on the surprisers plan.
    So i would say u express a heartfelt appreciation whenever someone surprises u even if u cant continue to feign the surprised facial expression.


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