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So this past weekend I spent my weekend in Accra…first time please give me a round of applause. ..this is my first West African trip despite having done many Ajala moves. Left Lagos on Friday morning…i wont even touch on the flight…while it was on time, it was worst than the Baghdad charters back in the day when you look at the plane quality and all the shaking of the aircraft.

Got into Accra early morning by 8am i believe- checked into Villa Monticelo with hubstar. Firstly the hotel is interesting because its a boutique hotel- with 16 differently themed rooms. We got to Lake Como room they had two twin beds joined together…I was a bit put off by that but the decor was nice. That was how we asked for a room with a king bed…they moved us to Soho Chic- this room was black, red and white…it felt like all we needed was white wrappers and calabashes and we could re-enact an entire Juju movie not scene oh, movie and the placement of the AC now made it worse. We went back to Lake Como. The hotel was pircey and in my opinion underdelivered for the price paid.


Anyways we were in town for a wedding so we went visiting my husband’s Ghanian Family and just relaxing on Friday as the wedding was on Saturday. Saturday the awesome twosome got married…i attended my first military wedding and Ghanian wedding. Those people can talk sha- the Church Service was about 3 hours long…kilode. we got to the reception which was buffet style around 5ish…suprisingly nobody was fighting for food and we had our fill..before you say, they had 1000 guests as it was held at an officers mess..but well coordinated. I almost wanted to eat banku and fish but I respected myself and ate jollof rice with Kelewele and chicken.


I rerocked a dress I have had since 2010 and my traditional wedding shoes and purse. Unfortunately the dress got snagged on something so part of the thread pulled- that was to be its last outing.


At the reception I met 14 month old Ify (my cousin by marriage’s friends daughter) who I fell in love with…she refused to go back to her mom after we hung out and danced.


By the time we got lost in somewhere in Accra trying to find a location I remembered I had a date with my sister ala my bff…she moved to Accra in February so she came to get me and we went to Urban Grill…i left husband in the hotel…lol. And Kiki decided to wear her shoes …I don’t even know what color they are…lime green, green, yellow…but she was awfully proud of them..she is the queen of all shoes flat, so heels are a big step for her…the only condition she gave me as my maid of honor was a long dress request so she could wear flats…it’s that serious.



After that we sat down and gossiped and caught up. I have missed her…and I feel a bit selfish because I know she is chasing her dreams. We hung out and a few of her Accra friends joined us.

And on Sunday it was time to come back to Lagos. I did like Accra for the brief period I was there, traffic didn’t seem like a struggle and the people seem geniune and not remotely as aggressive as Nigerians. I got into a local taxi at 1am ish on Saturday night after leaving Urban Grill at Stanbic Heights and I didnt feel unsafe at any point.

That was my Accra experience- i hope to go back soon. Hopefully I get to spend more time there and do more work there soon.

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  1. Good to know you had fun in Ghana.. was to go with hubby earlier in the year but he was forming “exam tinz”! I’ve told him I shall go with or without him next year by God’s grace!
    I see those your fine trad shoes which I asked where you got from.. And please how was the “Ghanian jollof rice”.. I once read a debate on bellanaija or so on the Nigeria/Ghana jollof rice..lol! I guess so far it tastes like party rice, I’m so down/up for it! So please educate me on the uniqueness of the two types of rice.. thank you!

    • when u come to accra,id be ur personal tour guide 🙂

    • Dmbae….you have to go to Accra, it makes Lagos look like a jungle… those trad shoes are from a clearance rack of either bloomingdales or nordstroms in New York I don’t remember which but I remember they were soooo inexpensive i was delirious with joy.

      As for Ghanian vs Naija jollof to me they taste equally the same. I dated a Ghanian for 5 years when I was in University and his mom always made her jollof with gizzard – it tasted labomba. The jollof at the wedding was also good…but it seems like they make it with long grain rice…that might be the key difference…their kelewele beats our plain old dodo though.

      • miss pynk.. you actually replied me when I asked and I went to the site but I guess I lost interest along the way..maybe I’m not such a “shoe fanatic” as I’d like to be!
        And lol at the hotel room description.. you forgot to add red, white and black candles to complete the “scene”..

  2. Good you had fun OAD.im hoping to visit there soon.

    That your trad shoe that I #wishwasmine#.

  3. I was just smiling all through the post for no just reason. 🙂 it’s good you had a lovely time. And your description of the soho chic room, lol……

    I’ve never been there but hubby has (work) and will always come back with good stories about his stay.

    You and your sis got me reminiscing.
    God bless the new couple.

    • Enjay, use style and follow ur husband. ..that might be the only way…the kids will survive grandparents for a few days lol. She is not my real sis oh, just my besto…

  4. IJustDeyObserve // August 21, 2015 at 04:38 // Reply

    Is your friend Kiki’s surname O……r? She looks like someone’s sister I know…Small world. Love your outfit to the wedding.

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!I Cant believe this!!i was at this wedding toooo!such a small world..would have loved to meet u!*still in shock*

  6. hahahahahaaaaa!!!
    i missed almost half of the ceremony!lol!I was late…i came in just when they were about to say the vows… it was just beautiful!!*im guessing ur hubby is related to ‘la Princessa’ ??

  7. You and your sister are soo cute
    Love the shoe colour , am definitely not alone in the flats department..heels aren’t my thing

  8. I see you have been using your gym membership. Looking great.

    You and kiki really looking alike in that pic.

    You play too much with that hotel room decsription. Lol.

  9. Aww you look lovely. You should have tried d benku and fish. I remember the first time u ate it, it’s a bit sour but nice. Kiki’s shoes are lovely. I saw them online recently, now I’m tempted to buy.

  10. Looks like it was a really enjoyable weekend.


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