What Do Women Really Want?

What do women really want in a partner /union/ relationships?  This question was prompted by a comment on the investigating post a few days back. The husband is an ex-convict who has served his jail time and is still rolling in the dough and bringing home the bacon…at least that’s what Instagram says…someone commented saying “hey he is bringing home the money”.

I was also reading somewhere, young girl is in love with her bf- but she is worried because he has a different background from her in terms of social class…so she is worried if he will be able to provide a lifestyle which she is used to if they ever marry.

Going through comments often times makes me start to wonder. Leave out the physical qualities of tall, dark and handsome etc, my question is what do you seek in a partner? For me peace of mind has always been key, so have confidence and ambition (this is different from lip service). I am averse to partnering with any adult who is financially dependent on their folks- I am allergic to that sh*t frankly. As for money, somehow God has given me the grace of hard and sometimes smart work…i never think of partnering for money.  I have had in abudance and I have had periods where N10k was a challenge. ..money is a visitor. 

So my question is do people especially women in this day and age overlook many other qualities because money is present? I ignored someone who had private jets in his family because he lacked respect for me. I am not hungry and can provide a decent life for myself…absolute worst I will wash toilets to feed myself…won’t be the first time.

Please is money – a man’s money such a big deal to women irrespective of other bad qualities a man may posses?



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  1. NO! I’ll choose respect over money. Any day, any time.

    • Enjay, but people say try not having any money and you will be miserable? I have had moments when I didnt have – I simply worked harder. lol.

  2. Sadly, a lot of women overlook certain important qualities because of money. I’d blame it partly on social media (Staying relevant on IG) and the need to live the flashy lifestyle (the LONG-THROAT syndrome). Imagine a woman who gets married to a ‘wife batterer’, simply because she can’t come to terms with not living the luxurious lifestyle that she has gotten used to (as provided by her husband who doesn’t hesitate to beat her blue black at the slightest provocation). May God help us all!!

    • Couldn’t have said it any better

    • Nkechi for me, no one can beat me – that line i have drawn since I was a child – if i consider someone an equal, you cannot physically touch me. I do agree with you about the Long throat syndrome – but how does one tell younger women that all that glitters is not gold?

  3. Peace of mind,nothing beats that. I don’t know how some ladies do it when they are in a very stormy relationship,I don’t know how they cope everytime but I’d rather choose Peace than all the riches in the world. Money is good don’t get me wrong but nothing absolutely nothing beats peace.
    So many ladies are in for the glamour,the beautiful trips,expensive shoes,designers watches and all the stuffs they post on IG. Peace is all I want.

    • But Kiki isnt it programming? Some people believe that the stormy relationships are proper relationships and many people see marriage as a way out of all their problems.

  4. Love and respect, sensitivity, responsibility and good diction(lol). Although, I think about the money all the time, the aforementioned far outweight it. I’d rather be with an ok guy who loves and respects me than with a rich guy who thinks the world revolves around him and his money and treats me like sh*t.

    Good to be back šŸ™‚

  5. Yes money is important, but for me, so times are more important than money. Integrity, respect, peace and lots more far outweigh money for me.

    I believe we can’t all be the same, so to each her own. Don’t just come complain anyhow to me later.

  6. This days 70% of ladies would go for money. Infact all ladies consider the partners financial stand in one way or the other even if its not majored on, anytime any day a guy with good physical qualities can woo any lady in as much as he has excess cash and he can pretend not to be fool of himself and nice! May God save us from the love of money…..

    Good to be back!

  7. These days, i dont know ig the ladies havn’t heard that life is not always a bed of roses. A man might not be rich today but, u cannot say what tomorrow holds. YES, she should consider His financial status (she must chop nah).. But it shouldnt be the crux of her decision to be with d man. when there is enough money, d lady wont wana work.. i dont understand how sm1 will just sit @ home, and wont go out all day.. I think dat life is boring. After d marriage, both of them can hustle and be okay, therz nting bad in d lady being d bread winner too.

    • For me, money is important, not because I want to solely depend on the man’s money, but because I don’t want a situation where my husband would depend on mine.

      Secondly, love. The man should adore and respect me. He should practically worship the ground i step on.

      The last is faithfulness… I can’t deal with a cheating scumbag. me and only me should be of relevance in his life.

    • Dr. Sheggz, housework is more demanding than some jobs oh. For me I can take your argument from a life without purpose- i find it problematic when people’s purpose is on every one but themselves. And many women work in marriages irrespective of how much money a man has.

  8. I want fidelity, understanding, peace, respect and a great sense of humour. Money is very low on my list. I’ve met some nasty guys with loads of money and I wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole.
    Much rather be with a sweet man that has less. Helps a great deal if he’s physically appealing. Lol.
    Peace of mine is pure gold.

    • Sandra – many of us have come across those nasty guys with loads of money, but they always still find people to marry them…..I agree that peace of mind is pure gold.

  9. *peace of mind

  10. www.thelmathinks.com // September 14, 2015 at 23:07 // Reply

    I’m the “someone”. Haha! Well we all want different things but one thing is certain, we would ALL rather cry in a Rolls Royce than cry in Keke napep. Money isn’t the most important thing to me but it’s right there on the top of the list. Please let us BOTH make good money and combine our incomes to provide the best life possible for our kids. Biko, I kent shout! That said, respect, loyalty and friendship are of utmost importance to me, in a partner.

    • Thelma I don’t want to cry at all, unless out of love – A rolls Royce is a car, so i a Mercedes. As of that someone – we don’t mention names here and it was meant in a good way. I think unity and cooperation in a home is more important than money because it determines what manifests from that home.

  11. Its really sad. Some women think financial prosperity is sexually transmitted so they would just marry one man that would slap them and disrespect them every opportunity he gets just so they can buy the latest human hair. Peace of mind is very important. This life is too short to be having hypertension because of a man.
    Plus only hungry and lazy girls think of money.

  12. Hmm I will replace money with sense of pride/hardwork, but to raise a family a man needs to have some kind of work to care for the family. Then friendship,Godliness and the rest is very important


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