So i saw this advertisement in an in flight magazine. And I was wondering to myself If I had the choice to pick my citizenship, what passport would I want? Barrig racial composition or citizens rights…what passport would you want to be a holder of?

My top 3 choices would be the United States,  Japan and Oman….

Why these choices? Well the U.S passport gives a lot of access in terms of travel, Japan seems like a cool place to live and Oman is beautiful from a nature standpoint and rich; the riches seem to trickle down somewhat.

So if you had the chance to pick out your citizenship. ..feel free to pick 3 options and share why! Happy weekend as the real weekend begins. Sorry posts are coming later…time difference issues.


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  1. In no particular order, USA, CANADA and FRANCE…

    reason being that I love these 3 countries, and i love french language.

  2. USA UK n France
    I just think I will love these places

  3. Ikoya Adewale // September 26, 2015 at 16:11 // Reply

    everyone has US on their lists and i cant lag either
    1. USA- mainly because i have relatives there
    2. CHINA – because of their engineering success
    3. DUBAI- because of the beautiful pictures i have seen

  4. USA, Canada, Switzerland

  5. USA, Canada, Spain, France.

    I choose four. 😉

  6. U.S- access to different countries
    U.A.E- Abu-Dhabi to be specific. Citizens enjoy alot of benefit from the govt.
    Italy- I love the history.

  7. US cos its the most powerful passport, France and Italy cos I’ve always wanted to go

  8. USA … easy access to different countries


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