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  1. We’re still on this fresh food matter? Gurl, you wanna die? You already fell Ill and that’s not enough sign from above that the fresh food mister is not your calling? You’re not married yet so lucky you, you only have to do one thing, pack up and leave simple.

  2. Na wa o……lagos stress is already killing, y add ‘fresh food’ everyday wahala join?

    Biko she shld talk to her lover, UNfresh food has never killed anyone mbok! And if the guy still insists, then it’s up to her.

  3. Ha! is it until he asks for your fresh blood before you will know it has do? She should better not go and kill herself for someone’s child o. In this day and age after all your parents or family or even yourself have sacrificed to give you a better life you still choose to be a house girl for somebody under the glorified canopy of boyfriend? Hmmn it is well with her o.

  4. Some people will never Learn,until you die abi that’s when your brain will reset to factory settings?

  5. Lol. I just can’t. You’re the one who started it shaa. He told you his mother made him fresh food everyday and you agreed to do it too. Are you his mother? Did his mother have a job? And he won’t help you? Ngwanu. You better tell Bros you can’t continue with that arrangement. Life is hard enough without having to cook fresh food every single day. If he won’t see reason, ask him to hire a cook and pay her. Because right now you’re just the unpaid help.

  6. How about you try this experiment. Don’t cook for 1 week. Let’s see if oga will die. If he dies, you have been saved by death. If he no die, then you have magical powers. You would have successfully cured his madness.

  7. Chrisyinks // December 3, 2015 at 20:41 // Reply

    I get perplexed when ladies say they love someone and yet see traits that glaringly say otherwise. I wonder what criterion/criteria they use to define love! WWJD

  8. In addition to the other comments, the “moving in” together part just gave the boyfriend more unreasonable power.. before she moved in, what was he eating??? Is he sure of the freshness of the food in eateries (if he patronises one)? I won’t even make reference to him wanting fresh food for his friends.. you don “spoyel” the man by acceding to his request!
    Madam! It’s because they haven’t queried you at work yet.. I guess the boss is being lenient due to the regular lag traffic..
    Biko! Either let him be reasonable or you take a walk! Y. O.L.O! I second his “are you his mother” comment. Even Jesus understands our trials!

  9. This is crazy, how can you accept this? So when you have kids what will you do? No help nothing ? Am so upset I need to calm down so I don’t regret what I typ

  10. People thisdays constantly refuse to learn…its a pity
    The only example of love to look up to is Jesus

  11. What has he been eating before you started cooking for him, the fact that he is watching her suffering and not offering her relief or a respite is a signal that she should leave that relationship.


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