What is Appropriate?

So we all go to weddings at least 2 to 3 a year irrespective of how anti social you claim to be. There are always a few female guests who are dressed to the nines. And sometimes you look around wondering if thats the bride. Most times I just assume the ladies are single and looking to be found or how else do you explain dressing to “kill and bury” at someone else’s wedding? Am i being mean?


This is picture of a makeup artist and what she wore to someone else’s wedding and below are some of the comments on instagram that folks left her. I don’t think i would be offended if she showed up to my traditional looking like that- I would probably laugh and be like the struggle for husband is real – “kontinew”!


All you one of those slayers that goes to weddings dressed  better than the bride? If yes please what is your motivation? There is nothing wrong with looking nice- but sometimes chill is needed especially on someone else’s day! No?

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  1. I honestly won’t be bothered. I love to see people looking good esp if they are rocking their style. If you’ve paid so much for asoebi, you deserve to rock it how you see fit.

    Unless someone is dressed like an outright hoochie mama, I doubt it’ll hold my attention long enough for me to be bothered.

  2. The opening comment, lol… I went to one wedding the whole of 2015. The ones I would have tried to go for were a bit far. *shrugs*
    Would I be bothered? Not really sha. It’s become commonplace. probably won’t notice but if I do, I’d probably tap my sis/friend and say “see my co-bride”

  3. Yeye of Lagos // January 4, 2016 at 08:46 // Reply

    As a bride i think you should focus on your husband and having fun, You shouldnt even see some things except in pictures. No matter what you are still the star of the day.

  4. As in exactly what yeye of Lagos said. The bride won’t even notice so for me, its not a big deal, I wouldn’t want anyone looking shabby at my wedding.

  5. I doubt if i would notice except she was a bridesmaid or my mum. Nowadays the prep to attend a wedding is too crazy for cool.

  6. I saw this on instagram the other day and I thought – really? Are we even allowed to dress like this to someone else’s event? The single market is crawling with such people

  7. www.thelmathinks.com // January 4, 2016 at 16:17 // Reply

    All I can say is LOL. But I resent the idea that anyone who overdresses (in a bid to outshine the bride) is single and desperate. We see some well married ladies overdressed just the same. What then would you say about those? I think some people are just OTT by nature, some people are naturally flambouyant and tend to overdo things some times, doesn’t necessarily mean the “husband thirst is real”.

    Ps; I might reblog this, reporting myself now.

    • So Thelma who is she dressed for? Herself or other women? When you dress to turn heads its no longer dressing for yourself. Some married women fall into the OTT category …what gives?

  8. If I happen to notice her at my wedding, I will just laugh at her oversabi self and continue enjoying my party. to me this type of people add to the whole flavour of the party jare.

  9. www.thelmathinks.com // January 4, 2016 at 22:53 // Reply

    But OAD you’d find that most of us women dress to impress (oppress) or outdo other women. What if she’s dressing to attract a sugah-daddie? That’s not husband hustle either na. Ok, what do we say about married women who do same, who are they dressing for?

  10. Lol! A bride shouldn’t even notice any form of over dressing except the guest decided to wear a wedding dress and maybe attempts to “steal” the groom! Lol! (I didn’t even notice what the guests at my wedding wore till I saw the pictures.)
    In this day and age, I guess we shouldn’t be so surprised at “over-dressers” because they are here to stay. Of which the term “overdressing” is relative now as what one terms “overdressing” may be “regular dressing” to another.
    And on another note, once you are comfortable in your own skin, you won’t feel “oppressed” by another no matter how hard they try!

  11. Uberhaute looks // January 18, 2016 at 16:25 // Reply

    Don’t think it’s bad @ all…so far you are comfy in what you are wearing…
    I’m new here…hello everybody



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