But Come

It’s like women don’t understand their position in terms of who is left with evidence of any wrong doing. Sometimes I worry that If I have female children I might be a little extra in terms of discipline and talking..se what someone sent to Joro Olumofin on Instagram – what was she expecting? I am not absolving the man of any blame oh- not at all but women if you don’t have brain abeg borrow one.



If you are going to negotiate a garbage deal such as an affair- make sure you negotiate the holding of the higher end of the stick. Yeah its a sh*t stick but some sh*t is worse than others.



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  1. Terrible stuff,illicit affairs almost never ends well,i feel bad for the poor unborn child.
    Meanwhile miss pynk I sent you a mail concerning the december giveaway,not sure if you received it.

    • a really terrible and sad situation…. i wish she could still borrow d brain

      • most nigerian women dont know that the pleasure only lasts 4 the moment but the consequence is just something else

  2. So silly and sad. You are SS, you have had two abortions, imagine, you didn’t learn then and still haven’t now.

    To make matters worse you get pregnant for a married man.

    Some people don’t learn.

  3. Yeye of Lagos // January 8, 2016 at 09:27 // Reply

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  4. SMH..she sounds like tho she was taken unawares.if ur going to indulge in such illicit act u better be prepared for the worst.

  5. Hmmmm no words #throwshandintheair

  6. I’m not one to judge on anyone’s morality, but what i cannot understand is why in this day and age of HIV,STDs, etc people do not know how to protect themselves if they must engage in casual brapping. Surely all these pregnancies floating around are not from broken rubbers. ah ah. Its just disgusting. Protect yourself at ALL times.

    Shu at this rate it’s like naija wives if you as much as suspect your husband is chasing girls outside your home, it’s in your best interest to start using rubber oh. Decision to stay or leave is a different matter, but at least don’t inherit uncessary health problems because of someone else’s foolishness

  7. SS, 2ABORTIONS still no sense. Her life has not gotten to the darkest part yet. She should relax, when she experiences labor pain she would understand darkness or pain from CS esp with no husband to share the burden with. She would see darkness like never before. Imagine! Lol

  8. I’m so pissed off with this story!
    So she forgot she was SS when she was having unprotected sex with him or what did she think could come out of sleeping with a person without protection?
    She has not said her plan.


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