I am still here in case you are wondering. I am not sure why I havent updated in a few days….it’s not for a lack of things to write…possibly just sheer laziness.

I had posted some of my Lent goals on here and let me tell you, i have surprised even myself. You know how we often go around saying we don’t have gifts or we have no special talent? Well i did and its a habit i need to break out of because I am starting to see things differently.

I made some Amigurumi crochet bears for my newphews in literally 2 days. If you know me I am a lazy crafter – I do not like following patterns as I just feel they are hard to read and take too much work. Well I finally sat down and made stuff and I tell you I am even going to work on modifying the pattern to make bigger dolls as is. At least four people who have seen them have asked why they aren’t for sale….I don’t quite have the answer to that at the moment because i think I still have issues with pricing things and actually selling my work….I have finally set up my Etsy shop so thats one step in a long direction…




The best thing about these bears is they are non toxic and there is nothing for babies to swallow on them. All yarn (even the eyes) and the polyester teddy bear fill so they are extremely safe in terms of babies playing with them. They are alsl easy to wash – just put in a pillow case and put in the washing machine and dryer after.

So from now on, you can please call me gifted hands – I am learning to profess things into my life. Maybe I can get a small store owner to stock up on them. The beauty in making stuff for kids is that it brings me a lot of Joy. Crocheting makes me happy and gives me something to do while I watch TV.

Are you gifted or are you like me- beginning to realise your gifts?



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  1. Lovely!!!

  2. These are great . I want ….but are they worth your time?

  3. Very lovely. I miss reading your posts. You’ve been gone too long.

  4. Yay! you are back, I have been refreshing the site multiple times a day. Your crochet is lovely, I pray this gift of yours opens mighty doors for you. Like you, I’m just trying to figure out if I have a gift. I’ve always assumed I only have book knowledge but these days, I’m beginning to think otherwise.

  5. Nice… I haven’t really figured out mine, except that I like to talk and read blogs (lol).. that’s it for now. Is that a talent?

  6. Very Beautiful,wish I could do this. Nice work Miss Pynk.

  7. Yeye of Lagos // March 2, 2016 at 10:18 // Reply

    Really nice,

    Well done!

  8. Very lovely bears, wish I could learn at least one handiwork. Anyway its not too late if I put it in my year goals

  9. Very lovelyy. Well done. This is one thing i found very difficult to learn

  10. Oyinda everything is about packaging. If you get it right you are good to go.


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