So It’s My Birthday


I wish I could jump up and down and scream happy birthday but the excitement in my body is currently non-existent. While I am grateful for my short 34 years (I think thats how old I am) – June 20, I am currently battling possibly the worst cold I have had all year. …maybe it’s even a flu at this point…I don’t even want anything for my birthday all I want is sleep, decongested nostrils and pain relief – my whole body hurts like I have been hit by a truck.

Likewise it is my official second year being married. Well to say the least I haven’t tried to kill my husband in two years, neither has he tried to kill me. Which is very good for starters as we are both very independent minded people who have amazingly seemed to keep it together and work on continously loving each other. I really don’t think there is any specific key to having a good marriage but learning to accept each others short comings and celebrating our splendid sides. No such thing as a perfect marriage or spouse, but my complaints about him are almost non-existent as we both encourage each other to soar in whatever we choose.

Laughter has been the biggest component of marriage for me. We are both quirky individuals who enjoy each others company and play pranks on each other. We love to laugh and whatever it takes to get us there we remember to do that. We also remind ourselves that we married each other primarily for companionship and not society or to raise kids for that matter- raising kids would be an added benefit for us – however not our sole reason.

The past year has been one of significant growth for me as a person. My patience has grown, my ability to be silent on many matters has also improved – simply because not everything is worth voicing and when you don’t speak no one can mis-interprete what you haven’t said.

This site is officially three years old and I was hoping to do a mega giveaway, but alas that isn’t quite within my reach at the moment. When it is, I am certain it will be worthwhile.

I will be taking about two weeks off from writing as I feel the need to rest some, build content and attend to one or two other things…likely be back in July when I feel my content is ready….don’t miss me too much 😇 if you do, you can send me an email which I am terrible at responding to anyway… know that I am not dead – just taking some much needed reflective time off.

As always I thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. May the rest of June deliver to us all beautiful expectations beyond our wildest imaginations.


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  1. Happy birthday Pynk!!
    I hope you get the rest you need and will miss the blog too much (so you return earlier).

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Pynk, more beautiful years ahead…
    Flu on your birthday??? Pele, try and have enough rest and make sure you celebrate today no matter how you feel.

    So no posts till July??? Kai this is not nice o but anyways take all the time you need, we will be here waiting
    Happy Birthday once again

  3. Happy birthday Miss Pynk and may your life continually be filled with love and laughter. Have a fun filled day. Amen.

  4. Yaaaaay, happy birthday oad360, may the good lord continue to replenish you,may your finances never dwindle and may the grace of God continue to abide with you. Cheers to better years ahead.

  5. Happy birthday Pynk, I pray you have a flu-free day. Take good care.

  6. Amen to your prayers about June. A wonderful birthday to you! May all things be truly beautiful for you. Happy anniversary too! May you continually enjoy marital bliss.

    I wish you speedy recovery. Not nice to be sick on your birthday. Pele.

    About the two weeks disappearance, hmmmm…. try and come back better in health and content-wise, as you desire. I hope it doesn’t take this long. I’ll miss reading…… and you.

  7. “….when you don’t speak (or write/refute) no one can mis-interprete what you haven’t said (or written/refuted)…”. Hear, hear! I learned that from last year and have overlooked a lot of things that I would normally react to but like you so aptly wrote…..
    Happy birthday Pynk, may God grant all of your heart’s desires in Jesus name. Amen.

  8. Happy Birthday Miss Pynk, I wish you a wonderful and prosperous year ahead.

    its ok to take a break sometimes, I’m sure you’ll be backing in July with a lot of good news.

    Take care

  9. Happy Birthday Ms Pynk

  10. chrisyinks // June 20, 2016 at 22:51 // Reply

    Happy birthday Pynk, wishing you a splendid year ahead, more reasons to celebrate your marriage and of course, speedy recovery from your cold/flu. Two weeks….phew!

  11. Happy birthday miss pynk.God bless you

  12. Happy birthday Pynk…. God bless you and all that concerns you.

  13. Oops I missed it…Nevertheless, Happy Birthday Mme. Pynk, I’m sure you felt extra loved despite your cold. Have a good year.

  14. // June 22, 2016 at 22:56 // Reply

    I’m late to the party. Happy birthday in arrears OAD, I hope you’re feeling much better now. I wish you very many splendid things, in life, in love and in your home. Stay blessed mama!

  15. Happy birthday darling. Love you much. God bless u.

  16. Happy birthday to you! May God bless and keep you. 🙂
    Hope you are better now, health wise.

  17. You meant it ooo….. two weeks… still on…… I hope you’re better and stronger now. You chose the right time to be away from Naija. Enjoy yourself! 🙂

  18. Happy Birthday in arrears Ms Pynk, God Bless you


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