And They will Say

…………. and they will say uhm uhm uhm it’s photoshop.

Lol.. so my daughters are meeting a lot of their extended relatives at about four months of age. Most people have generally seen pictures of them so they have an accurate enough Idea of what they look like.
Anyway they met one of their grand uncles today and he was like OMG they are beautiful, I thought their pictures were doctored, you should get them baby company work. Firstly I wasn’t remotely offended and I thought it odd that anyone would sit and doctor children’s pictures if they aren’t taken by professional photographers or for professional/ portrait type uses.

And I was like OMG people must see my babies pictures and think I sit around filtering and airbrushing them when in actuality I have barely sat down to program the camera on my S7. And I remembered the line ” haters will say it’s photoshop” 😂. Please do any of the pictures below look doctored or edited?

I wish you a productive week ahead
Image Credit: Google for non-water marked pictures


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  1. Awwwww… they are beautiful.

  2. Ur babies are sooooooo very beautiful Pynk.

  3. Chai you all look beautiful!!!

  4. So so beautiful. They brought a huge smile to my face tonight. xoxoxo

  5. // November 2, 2016 at 18:35 // Reply

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww ☺️☺️☺️

  6. Loads of cuteness

  7. Cuteness overload! I see the unique “twin-traits”.. One always smiley and the other poker/straight faced!

  8. So so cute!

  9. Choi! Your babies are too cute! I love!
    Please give us tips on what to eat when pregnant o. Though you and the Hubs obviously transferred beauty genes to them.

    • Lol at what to eat – I ate Pizza and burgers my entire pregnancy, i dont think I touched a salad once and I struggled with fruits. I did drink a lot of lactose free milk though because I was worried about birthweights. Prior to that everything you can imagine – I heard Pineapple is good though but I love pineapples so maybe?

  10. Beautiful. Cute. So fine. But I’m not tempted to do another nine months episode.

    To tell you the truth, they don’t look edited. God already did that from the womb….. 😉 to doctor their pics will be aseju.. cos they’re amazing just the way they are.

  11. your babies are beautiful! God bless them.


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