What a Wow!!

So hey everyone- how is this Monday treating you? As for me, I am ok. Something has been going on in my house. I have twins so I have two nannies – I have contemplated getting a 3rd (as sometimes I feel soo drained by the time the day is over) – financial constraints (salary and feeding is a big thing sha) and their never ending drama has stopped me dead in my tracks. I have been wanting to sack a pig- headed one that does all sorts of nonsense.  Last month I asked her not to go to Ibadan at night and she did 2x. I was ready to sack her and I just thought to myself why sack her before I get a replacement? Then she allowed Twin A to fall outside because she wasn’t watching.

Anyway we will call her nanny A since she is attached to Twin A. She is 23ish (doesnt seem too sure of her age) from the North and claims she finished secondary school. She is the laziest nanny I have ever had and eats ridiculous amounts of food. I had to start portioning off food. She also takes 5 hours to Iron the childrens clothes (it takes me 1 hour to do the same amount of clothes). 

Nanny B is from the East and went to school but stopped at JSS 3. Nanny B is about 27, very hardworking and is a better resource manager. Before I ask Nanny B for something she gets it or has done it. All I have to do is tell her the night before. 

So Nanny A tells B that B is illiterate because she stopped at JSS3. I heard this one a few days ago. Nanny A also tries to put B down because A has been working for me since January…B replaced my other nanny in March who went to write WAEC. I increased B’s salary but A is not aware.

So this morning I asked both of them to write me a grocery list. With the basics- I didn’t ask them to write Lasagne or macaroni before you cast me. I made them do it side by side. Below is the list. Left is Nanny A the Literate who claims she submitted a CV to me before I employed her, same girl who told me she wants to go to NCE to study and when I asked her what NCE was she had no clue. Right side is Nanny B. 

What made me do this excercise was to show her that the person she was looking down on was actually better educated than she was. I didn’t even mind mis-spelt words…just write something and she couldn’t.  The spirits in her village are strong because I have been trying to let her go for the last 1 month and been unable to find a replacement. I am tired of paying agents at this point.

Nanny B officially became the senior nanny this month. She is more judicious with food and does the work as requured. So she got a pay raise. 

We often times cast so many others because we have the illusion that we are better than others when it comes to many things. In actuality we are often not. I learnt a lot from speaking to thise girls and my mind is bursting with Ideas on how they can help me grow as a person. 

“In giving, we get that which we didn’t know we were lacking”- OAD

I look forward to your thoughts/ comments on this matter of thinking we are better than others when are generally not.


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  1. chrisyinks // June 6, 2017 at 03:25 // Reply

    Hehehe…. and that’s how Nanny A has fallen her hand.

    I couldn’t agree more with the thrust of this post. Though we may have unique strengths, and perhaps, be better at certain tasks than others, everyone else is equally unique. Tearing down others to validate ourselves makes us weaker, and reeks of a lack of self-awareness. On the flip side, imagine a world where we worked together with great appreciation of one another’s talents and abilities – how beautiful such a world would be!

    • Lol. You made me remember PH. There they say, falling hand something. As Clare said, it’s fair enough that she brought this upon herself. I was looking for her list, I couldn’t find it. I didn’t know it was on the same page. Is that the list? Oh, what we do to ourselves just to ‘feel good’

  2. I think it’s a sign of inferiority complex to look down on people because they come from a seemingly lower background. In my short time on earth, I’ve learnt that God can lift anyone up at anytime. ..I’ve seen so many examples…in just a twinkle of an eye…their situation changed.
    Ps: I’m in a similar situation. .the nanny I got for my baby also dropped out of school in Js3. Also from the east…bcos her widowed mom could not afford the school fees of N6k. The things we take for granted. Sigh.I’m very interested in ensuring she returns to school.

  3. I like the fact that Nanny A self inflicted her own fall. She has bowed to common sense. lol.

    Nanny B is lucky to have a thoughtful boss. Good for her.
    I agree only people with complex put others down.

    I had to let go of all these cotonu nannies cos of thier inconsistencies and lack of comprehension. I got an older nanny . Though I now pay more, but my life is much easier.


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