Giveaway N50,000.00 Cash!

It’s June and It’s Giveaway Season.

All you need to do to win the N50,000.00 which will be deposited directly into your account  is:

  1. Buy What the Kitchen Told Me (WTKTM) Here
  2. Review  and Rate the Book (on the product page) and post your review as a comment on this post.

One commenter (winner) with the most in-depth review will be chosen By David Thoreau the author.

The contest is open from Friday 16 June 2017 and ends on Sunday 16 July 2017.


  1. Please make sure your Name used for the purchase  and Comment name match*.
  2. Account to receive the prize must also match reviewers name.
  3. Make sure the email address you comment with is valid, as that is the email address you will be contacted on for your payment details if you win.
  4. Prior WTKTM contest winners are not eligible for this contest.

Good luck and happy winning.

*Purchase Neccessary to Win!


3 Comments on Giveaway N50,000.00 Cash!

  1. Eme Edim // June 16, 2017 at 10:02 // Reply

    I’ve read this book a couple of times since i bought it. Every time i read it, i learn something new. What hasn’t changed is the way i felt the first time
    i read it. So here goes: ” Truth is always amazingly simple. We make it complicated. When we hear truth it resonates within us” – David Thoreau
    When i read that quote i instinctively knew i had stumbled on something special. There is so much truth hidden in this book i almost don’t know where to start. What the kitchen told me outlines life lessons and experiences from someone who has seen quite a bit of the world in such a unique way that makes it very relatable to us all. Every budding or even established go-getter will definitely find the nuggets in it extremely useful. Every single chapter is filled with so much insight. It is a short book ( Hi David, i’ll definitely read the books that come after this when you turn it into a series, i know you’re not done yet ) that uses our everyday-life kitchen scenarios to inspire us to get up, consciously choose to use the unique ingredients given to us at birth and make something special out of this journey called life. At the end of the day, everybody’s gonna eat and we are what we eat.
    “There are more losers than winners in life, not because we all can’t win, but because we all don’t take action and try”-What the Kitchen told me
    David shares principles that are upheld by most of the world’s high flyers. Conscious steps and tips if practiced will eliminate the threat standing between you and your success. If you want more out of life, or you just need that extra push then this book is for you, there’s something for everyone. Like he says-The food doesn’t cook itself, you have to put in the work if you want to eat.
    I definitely see myself picking this book up to read a few more times in the future, especially when it seems i’m running low on seasoning or i just need to top up my hustle sauce. Unlike some of those motivational books that just drone on and on, this is actually a page turner and i’m not just saying that. Most of the experiences used to illustrate his points were very relatable to me. It is really a good read!


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  2. How do I buy it? I click on the link in the post but I’m still no5 able to buy it. Any alternative way to buy?


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