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So I have been thinking…if you know me, you will always know I am thinking lol. Is five years too early to have a vow renewal? Not because I love my husband but because I just feel like I should be allowed to write my vows. My husband didn’t trust I would write serious vows…but since we got married I have been sending him whatsapp love letters (forget the nonsense some people are saying about wuzzup calls etc) so he has come to appreciate my poetic prowess! Yup yup!

Maybe it’s just that I want a holiday, but the thing is I’ll miss my kids. I have been at a crossroads with work lately- I don’t care much for consulting and one client has been pestering me. So I agreed and sent an invoice double what I normally would. I am currently broke but I just don’t feel like doing that type of work…maybe I am not bottom barrel broke yet..hmm! They are waiting for their board to approve and somehow I am hoping they dont but somehow the money miraculously shows up in my account.

Are there any new-ish mums in the house? Clare and Enjay are veterans….but new moms come- how come nobody has done a diper review for the Nigerian market yet? I am talking about a full blown diaper review….I will do a post on this soon.

I have been thinking of giving away my traditional and white wedding dresses in the last two weeks. Never got around to selling the white one, but I keep thinking it’s better to give than receive…but I would also want the recipient to pass it on and I hve no control over that…Imma just sleep on it. What are your thoughts?

Enjoy your weekend…my loves are getting baptised on Saturday so it should be an interesting weekend.


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  1. Plenty thoughts in one posts, sure you’d always thinking. 🙂 Congrats! Hiked fees approved in this era speaks favour. About the giveaway, all I can say is your heart is pure gold, Miss Pynk.

  2. Congrats on your babies’ baptism! May God bless them as they’re received into the body of Christ.

    Re: vow renewal…it’s never too early…your choice…I remember Heidi Klum and Seal used to have vow renewals every year or so while they were married. Quite romantic. And as for a getaway it’s totally doable if your parents or parents in law are willing babysit…at least you’Re sure they are in safe hands. I’m sure you could do with some 16hrs of straight sleep!

    Re: diaper review! Pls do one! I’m a fairly new mama…my 2nd is 9 months old. I use molfix…it’s good and quite cheap. I can’t imagine how much huggies cost now…I used those for my 1st. I never did like pampers. It’ll be lovely to hear of some better options in the market.

    Re: the wedding gown. Mine was dry cleaned immediately after the wedding and is lying in the box. I really do want to give it to a bride who can’t afford to buy a wedding gown of her own…but I haven’t really found one yet or maybe I have a sentimental attachment to it. I really don’t like the idea of selling it to a stranger. But that’s just my opinion. My sister sold hers immediately after her wedding.

  3. chrisyinks // August 11, 2017 at 15:53 // Reply

    Per the vow renewal, do what works for you both. If you’d cherish having a vow renewal, why not? And if you choose to do so, this time, you’d have your beautiful kids in the mix – that should make for an even lovelier celebration. Btw, happy baptism to the little ones.

    If you do choose to give your dresses away, a note informing the recipient on your desires should work just fine. It’d surprise you how people can rise above and beyond our expectations.


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